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Are you looking for an automatic money machine?! :o)

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Here’s a great special on a Brand New “PLR 20 Pak”! :o)

Discover How YOU, Too Can Have Your Very
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Have A Great Day!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

SEO Elite! How Would You Have Answered Him?

I got an interesting question from one of my readers the
other day…

…or rather, two questions…

“Does search engine optimization really work to drive traffic?”

“And if so, how do I, someone who’s not a techie person
by any means, do it??”

So, how would YOU answer this guy?

This is what I wrote back to him…

Dear Bob,

Have you ever gone to Google (or any search engine) and
typed in the term you were searching for?

Then did you go to any of the pages that came up on that
first or second page of results?

Then you already know the answer to your first question…

…Getting your blog listed on the first or second page of a
search engine DOES bring you traffic.

And you don’t think those sites at the top of the listings got
there by chance or accident, do you?

SEO does work!

But a LOT of bloggers get so confused by how to do it,
that they don’t even try.

Which is a shame.

Imagine what an influx of thousands of new visitors to
your blog every week or even every day could do for
your bottom line!

So I did some research on how anyone, even the most
non-technical person, could optimize their site to get it
to the front of the search engine rankings, and here’s
what I found…

Now, before you start thinking you can’t do this…

…that’s it’s for techno geeks only…

…that you need to be super computer smart or even
know what you’re doing…


SEO Elite is so user-friendly, even a beginner user
can use it.

Check out the examples…

…and check out the endless possibilities.

If you promote ANYTHING online, this is for you.

Forget EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard about
search engine optimization that scared you away…

…picture YOUR blog in the NUMBER ONE position
on Google and Yahoo…

…and then GRAB this…

Best Regards,

Garrett Dann


I can not give the product a higher recommendation,
I use it several times a week – every week!t

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Free Graphics Anyone??

Did you get your Free graphics yet?

~~~> Well I joined a list over the weekend right here: 
You should join to.

… they sent me here to get some free graphics: 

I was able to download some great Buttons, Icons and
Headers right from that site – and now you can too!

Down at the bottom of the page there are links to these
Icon Sets here but you have to go offsite. I decided to
save you some work and just put the URL’s all
in one place for you right here:

- Knob Buttons Toolbar Icons: 

- Free RSS Feed Icons 

- Free Feed Icons #2 

- Social Bookmark Icon set 

- Mini Icon Set 

- Crystal Clear Icon Set 

- eCommerce Icon Set 

- Soft Dimension Icon Set 

- Free “Vista Style” icon collections 

- Free Icon Downloads 
I hope you enjoy getting these downloads like I did! :o )


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Checked out Post Launch Profit Secrets yet??

I’m making this VERY brief,

As right now I’m in a HUGE RUSH to
finish listening to this *FRE.E*
Audio (that should be priced $197)

I’ll tell you more in a moment
how you can get your hands
on it like I did – for fre.e!

In a hurry, go here:


but first, let me tell you what
happened to me a few moments
ago …

I was about to contact
Alex Jeffrey’s via email,

but, just before I logged in
he’d already emailed me.

I love when two peoples minds
are on the same path.

In the email he asked me
to listen to this Audio today


So I listened to the whole thing,
and YEP…he was right this
thing sounds like exciting stuff!

So, I thought maybe you too
would like to listen to this
audio to find out …

what all the excitement is about.



There ARE some BOLD claims
in here … BUT,

I believe him …

And – it’s completely FRE.E so
why not!!

He covers in this FANTASTIC
audio how, Mike Filsaime was the
main reason he (Alex) become
such a success online so fast.

Last year Alex made over


from just selling information
products online.

(And 2007 was his first year
as a full time online marketer)

Yep – it’s true,

how cool huh !!!


Now he wants to show you that
you can do it too with his plan,
and he wants to just G.IVE
it to you!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

In the audio Alex covers how
this year he’s managed to make
over $78,000.00 so far, giving
away a free eBook


HOW “Anyone can start from
scratch and be set up in a
matter of just weeks.”

I believe him too, as I have
done this myself.


I believe that if you take a look
at what Alex has, it might be
just what you are looking for
in a step by step plan.

Just go here….


talk soon,

Garrett Dann

This guy is good!



Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

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