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Another Extreme Marketing Tactics Video!

I meant to upload this video right after the last two video’s
but for some reason YouTube took until the next day to
approve it, and at that point I was already off on my vacation,
sorry :o )

As I mentioned, I noticed after my upload to YouTube that
the resolution is not near as clear as I expected it to be, I
probably didn’t size the video correctly.

That’s the type of thing that happens when you are moving
at ‘light-speed’ trying to get things done before you leave
on vacation, right?

You will certainly get the idea I’m trying to get across.
I will work on making future video’s a little more clear.

Please take a look.

Extreme Marketing Video #3:

If you would like to learn how to dominate the search
engines for your keywords and keyword phrases…

Stay tuned – information on how you can do this too is
Coming Soon…..

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Are you looking for Traffic??

Are you looking for more traffic?

I mean like ‘scared your sever’s going to shut down’
type of targeted traffic for one or more of your sites?

Well, I happen to know where you can find just such
a thing.

Not only that, I will take you to that place.

Before we go there though, there is something you
need to know about this incredible place I’m going to
take you to.

It will not be cheap.

There, I said it.

That’s all, nothing more, you just need to know that
up front, so you know you don’t even need to waste
your time going to the link I’m about to give you if
you think it’s cheap.

Cause it’s not.

It is however, the very best source I have found yet
for getting exactly what you need – and it comes
very heavily guaranteed.

Quality products that do exactly what they say they
are going to do for you, are usually like that for the
most part.

They usually aren’t cheap, and they almost always
come with a heavy duty guarantee.

I don’t know about you but, I generally expect this.

Now, I don’t mean to scare you, I just want to be
honest with you.

To tell you the truth, I would have probably priced
it higher.

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you that what you
are going to find here is not going to be some little
$27, $67 or $97 product.

The product you need, to do what you need it to do,
is not available anywhere for that price, and don’t
be fooled by others into believing it is.

Cause it’s not – it really isn’t.

I have paid for many “Traffic” methods and fancy
pieces of traffic driving software over the years,
just like many of you have, and I’m telling you that
out of ALL OF THEM – this is two times what it’s
closest competitor ever was as far as the purchases
I have made go.

That’s right, not one of my purchases over the years
has delivered or given me even half of the true value
and ‘realized results’ this program has, in the way of
massive traffic to my sites using methods that will
always work.

It is ‘The Real Deal’.

That right, the hidden method’s you know the guru’s
are using, the same ones that you need to know, in
order to have that kind of ‘massive’ site traffic too,
as well as the most kick ass piece of software I
have ever used.

That is what you will find at this site.

Don’t skip through, scanning quickly over this site,
and then just jumping to the bottom to see the price.

This will cost you valuable time.

That’s what I did the first 2 or 3 times I went here,
and I’m telling you, you will just be putting off the
inevitable and losing valuable time that might allow
your competitors to get even further ahead of you.

One or two of them have probably already purchased
this product, and are about to be kicking your butt
real good – if they’re not already.

It is available to them to, you know?

Anyway, read the whole sales page, look at all the
training materials that come with it.  Check out the
Professional piece of software itself, and what it’s
capabilities are.

See the guarantee that protects you and guarantee’s
your complete satisfaction or you money back – no
hassle, no hoops to jump thru, no questions asked.

Last but not least, please ‘take my word’ as one who
has been out here for many years now and who has
made this type of investment many times.

You will never be more pleased with what you will
receive for your money, than you would be here, if
you decide like I did to invest in this package.

It will be the best investment you have ever made.

This package will do exactly what it says it will do,
and I would pay three times what I paid to buy it

When you go to this site, and you see who makes
it, you will know just how true that statement is.

Here is the link to the sales page right here:
==>  Get My Traffic Secret Right Here!

Don’t jump to a conclussion that will cost you dearly
in  both the ‘short run’ -and- in the ‘long run’ as well.

This is the only thing I know of that you can buy,
to attain the traffic goals we all have, is this little gem
right here that we are all swearing by.

Buy it, or at least one of your competitors will be
kicking your butt.

Maybe me….

Here that link one more time:
==>  Get My Traffic Secret Right Here!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Be talkin’ to you soon,

Garrett Dann
Garrett (at)

PS – Don’t be foolish by passing this up, you’re
satisfaction is completely guaranteed -and- until
you invest in one of these bigger programs, you
will never really see the potential your business

You already know this is true.
==>  Get My Traffic Secret Right Here!


Friday, September 12th, 2008

I have a couple video’s for you.

  I have a new edition of Camtasia Pro that I am using,

  and I noticed after my upload to YouTube that the

  resolution is not as clear as I expected it to be but,

  you will certainly get the idea I’m trying to get across.

  I will work on making future video’s a little more clear.

  Please take a look. 


  Part 1 (approximately 2:08 minutes)



   Part 2 (approximately 5:23 minutes)




  Sorry I didn’t add any of the fancy Player Skins to these video’s,

  I just wanted to get them out to you ASAP.

  I hope they inspire you, and you enjoy them.




Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Picked up your ClickBank commissions yet?

Hey folks,

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know I
am a heavy duty believer in promoting ClickBank

Here’s some of the reason’s why:
#1 – They are by far the Biggest and Best Affiliate Network
#2 – They pay out every two weeks
#3 – They are packed with Affiliate Products I like
#4 – I can also sell My Own Products through them as well


I decided to pop by with this as soon as I heard
about it and had some time to check it out thoroughly
for the both of us.

There’s been a ton of buzz around this system
over the past few days and if you haven’t heard
about it yet, let me just fill you in…

It’s called the “Commission Blueprint” – a radical
formula created by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton
that exploits Clickbank and Google in such a devious
way that the resulting profits are quite *insane* indeed.


Of course, you will have heard this kinda’ thing a
gazillion times before and to be perfectly honest so
have I…

But after checking this out, I can give you rock
solid confirmation that this is the real deal.

Especially if you want to replicate a simple system
that generates MASSIVE Clickbank commissions.

Let me just throw some figures your way…

- $6,513.04 in one day

- $153,426.72 in 6 weeks

- $526,422.83 in 7 months.

Those are some awesome figures.

…and the crazy thing is, these numbers were all
generated by promoting ONE Clickbank product,
bidding on just ONE keyword…and without ANY
help from JV partners or even an email list!

…not to mention the fact that this simple
affiliate campaign took just a few minutes to
set up.

How was it done?
I’m not going to give it away – Check out the entire
story right here:


This is a VERY VERY different ball game…
(…and I have been to them all in the last 7 or 8 years)

In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why most affiliates
struggle to produce a red cent in profit whilst others
effortlessly rake in unfathomable Clickbank
commission checks seemingly with their hands tied
behind their back, then sit up and take note, because
you are being given access to the answers right now.

The Best Thing?

You need no experience at all because they take you
through the entire process on screen AND give you
all the tools to actually make it happen.

The Weird Thing?

It’s frankly bizarre that they’re revealing this stuff.

If it were me, I would’ve kept my mouth FIRMLY shut
for sure, or until I have made a little more money for
myself anyway — :o )

These guys do 7 figures a year with Clickbank
consistently and generate far bigger numbers than
virtually anyone else on the planet.

Point being…if you’re a suffering affiliate, you NEED
this material. Badly.

The Bad News…

There are only very limited spots available and
judging by how fast this has spread around the net,
they’ll go ultra fast… possibly in the next few hours.

It has literally just gone live though, so you should
be in time…

End result?

Affiliates who FAIL to get hold of this information
will be left fighting for scraps and ultimately will be
in a world of hurt from now on; that much I can
assure you…

You can’t afford to be left out of the loop with
this one…

Here’s the link:


As with every product I have ever brought you from
ClickBank, it comes with a heavy duty, no questions
asked Money Back guarantee.

That is another reason I love ClickBank products,
ClickBank themselves will always make sure that
everyone offer that “no questions asked Money Back
guarantee to protect it’s customers.

- that way I know all my customers are ALWAYS
PROTECTED and guaranteed to be happy with any
purchase they make with me or through me.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you grab your copy of the Fre.e little Plug-in yet??

This is far more than just another WordPress plugin -
This is a fully fleshed out marketing plan that will put
the power of Twitter at your finger tips.

Grab your copy today, while it’s still free – and start
using it before you competition does!


It’s free – pick up your ‘Tweet My Blog’ plug-in today!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

A few more JV Giveaways for you to consider…

Here a list of giveaways you can use to build your Resale
Rights portfolio and build up that all important list full of
loyal members for yourself!

The “Crazy Deals” Giveaway site:
Join as an Affiliate here:
Join as an Contributor here:

You will not be sorry…

And – here’s a few more JV Giveaways for you to
consider getting involved with today:

The JV Quarterly Open Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Giveaway Central Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Free Ebook Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Back To School Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Newbie Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

Video List Profits Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Auto-Pilot Cash Streams Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Anything Goes Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Amazing PLR Gifts Giveaway:
Join as an Member:  
Join as an Contributor:

The Niche Giveaway – Episode II:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Labor Day Holiday Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Join as an Contributor:

The Wight Auction End Of Summer Giveaway:
Join as a Contributor:

The Massive Monthly Giveaway:
Join as an Member:
Just a couple to get you going…

Sorry the list is so long, I just like to bring you what
I’m involved with, and when it comes to free gifts and
list building ammo – I’ll take all I can get! :o )

How bout you?  Don’t miss out!

- Go Get Yourself Some New List Members Right Now!


Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Free ‘Tweet My Blog’ Plugin For Twitter and WordPress!

Hi {!firstname},


Ever wondered how you could harness the power of Twitter to
drive massive amounts of traffic
to your sites – and how to
convert that traffic
into cash?


John Merrick and Soren Jordansen have just come up with the
perfect solution for you,
with their new product called Tweet My

This thing is so new n’ hot that I don’t even have it installed on my
own Blogs yet, but I wanted to get the word out to you, my readers,
as fast as possible so you can jump on this awesome little tool for


It’s a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to combine the
powers of WordPress and
Twitter – driving massive amounts of
to your blog.


And the best part… It’s 100% free!




TweetMyBlog will automatically


1) Post a tweet whenever you update you blog.  The tweet will
link back to your blog,
driving a ton of interested readers your


2) Highlight your latest Tweets on your blogs sidebar – increasing
your Twitter following.


3) Promote your affiliate link on auto-pilot, whenever you use the
plugin and sidebar
widget. Earn commissions just for posting to

your blog.




This is far more than just another WordPress plugin – This is a
fully fleshed out marketing
plan that will put the power of Twitter
your finger tips.


And… Even though they are giving this plugin away for free, you
should take a close look at
the special offer they have in store
for you
when join. I instantly grabbed my own copy, and I know
it will skyrocket my marketing
power when using Twitter and





To your success,


Garrett Dann



P.S. I don’t know if John and Soren are going to keep this free
forever, I certainly feel
they could start charging big bucks for it.


So, grab your copy today, while it’s still free – and start using
it before you
competition does!



Thursday, September 4th, 2008

How do you build your list??

List, what list?

You have to have a list to make money on a regular
basis, this is one of the basics in Internet Marketing.

You could even call it Rule #1.

You have to have a list, and I will tell you one of the
simplest ways to build one, and build it quickly.

I have many methods I use to build my lists but, one
of my all-time favorites has got to be using the Free
JV Giveaway sites.

Now,a lot of people poo poo this idea and say that all
you pick up is freebie seekers.

I totally disagree with this, and can certainly prove this
to be false.

I have a method or ‘system’ for making sales with the
JV Giveaways.

I have (3) email addresses, and I upload (3) products
to each JV Giveaway event that I get involved with by
using a pseudonym (that’s a pen name or aka) and a
different email address for each.

I set up a sequential autoresponder at my SendFree
Atoresponder for each of the Free products that I have
listed at the Giveaways. 

Then I load up the autoresponder with follow-up emails,
sent every two days or so, that recommend a popular
product from the ClickBank Marketplace, that is related
to the freebie they have just downloaded from me.

In my signature in the email I throw in a link to the sign-
up form for my free newsletter, The Cutting Edge Ezine,
as well as one or two other free memberships or

I also have the original sign-up form they used to sign
up for my freebie at the JV Giveaway attached to (2)
One Time Offers.  If they decide they are not interested
in either of those, I send them on to an ‘email confirm’
page telling them an email has just  been sent to the
email address they have given me.

This ‘email confirm notice’ page besides containing the
various ‘white-listing’ how-to’s for the various mailing
programs and a link back to the sign-up page, just in
case they happen to leave me the wrong address the
first time around (smile), also contains links to other
freebies related to their download that are attached to
other autoresponders, containing other product’s from
ClickBank and PayDotCom as well.

This way hopefully, all the bases are covered.

I am picking up, on the average, somewhere in the
neighborhood of 120 to 150 new members for my
various mailing lists each and every day with this very
method right here.


I am getting sales of these ClickBank and PayDotCom
products that I’m filling the autoresponders with, every

I’ll tell you right now that to set up this method is not free,
but you will find out in the long run that if you really want
to make any real money out on the Net, it’s next to
impossible to do it for free.

You could get free Autoresponder accounts, and free
emailboxes from GMail, and keep making up ficticious
names if you want but, in the long run, it will get very
confusing, I’m just being honest with you.

But you certainly can do that to start.  One of the major
problem you run into is that you can’t move your list if
you decide to go with another company, so you should
try to get your free account with a company that allows
upgrading from a free account to a paid account.


and GetResponse:

All allow you to do this.

Here’s the simple tools you’ll need for both the Free
Method and the Paid Method:

1st, My Free Method — it’s more hassle but – it is free,
follow the method as outlined above, making your sign
up pages for your freebies pages on a free Blog or
multiple Blogs.

You will also need:
– A Business Account with PayPal

– An Affiliate Account with PayDotCom

– An Affiliate Account with ClickBank

– A free Blog or several free Blogs from Blogger or
WordPress (look up in Google)

– Several GMail Accounts (look up in Google)

– (3) Free Autoresponder Accounts With,  AWebber or GetResponse.
(addresses above)

Maybe try one of each to see who’s interface you like
working with best.

2nd – The Advanced Method – costs money, but you
make more money.  You post your Freebies, and
Reports You’ve Written on Squeeze Pages You’ve
Designed, installed on your own website that You’ve
Built Yourself.

Now you are really in the game!. 

You’ll need to purchase the folowing items:
– A Domain Name (‘YourName’.com etc…) from
GoDaddy –
or IPower –

– Reseller Webhosting with
HostGator –
or IPower –

– A Paid Autoresponder Account With –
AWebber –
or GetResponse –

– A free copy of NVU for Sueeze Page Building,
Webpage Editing & Website Publishing

– A free copy of Open Office for making PDF reports

If you decide to go the paid route and would like to
know more about it, let me know and I’ll send you a
free ebook detailing the method.

Just click this link here, put “Send me JV Giveaway
Paid Tactics” in the subject line, hit send, and I’ll
send it off to you right away:

Also, here’s a couple companies you can use to keep
you informed and up to date of any new or currently
running JV Giveaways:

I don’t want you to miss out on this easy way to build
your list HUGE in no time, and I will continue to send
you more information and helpful tips, as often as I
come across them.

I hope this aids you in finding more success on the net.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

A simple promise from me to you…

OK, I’ve been a little busy lately so you haven’t heard
from me very much in the last few days!

That is not normally the case for me…

In order to be successful at making money on the
Internet, you need to align yourself with the correct
people to gather valuable information through and

This sounds simple but – it is actually a monumental
goal that very few who set out to accomplish, actually

It can be incredibly confusing at times, trying to decide
who to trust and put your faith in, this is an unfortunate

You will also need to arm yourself with the proper tools
to put together a successful ‘system’ that will help you
accomplish the success you seek.

This can be an overwhelming task also, because the
hoards of ‘would-be’ Guru Marketers are always in
your face telling you ‘their system is best’, and that all
you need to do is just ‘follow them and all the success
you seek will be yours’.

Has this been as confusing to you, as it was for me?
It is very hard deciding who to listen to, and deciding
exactly what tools you need purchase, find or collect in
order to put a successful system – or several successful
systems together.

There was a preacher back in my home town, in the
church I used to attend when I was just a boy, that had
a saying he would use in situations like this.

He would often say – “Brothers and Sisters, I feel your
pain, and I’m here to do something about it!”

He was awesome, he meant every word he said, and
so do I.

You have my word that I will:
– Only bring you product’s that I am using, have
purchased or have developed myself that are
truly helping me in acheiving financial success.

– Bring you every ‘real’ Tip, Trick or Method I know
or come accross, that I truly believe will help you
and I improve our Online businesses.

– Bring you only the ‘cream of the crop’ products or
methods, and not waste your time or get you off on
unproductive projects.

– Be one of the only sources that you can truly trust to
tell you about what works, and what does not, based
on my own experience or the experience of those
above me that I rely on and have found I can trust.

The list of ‘who’ I trust or gather information from grows
on an almost weekly basis at this point, so to try and
provide you with a list would be almost impossible but,
let it suffice to say “they have impressed me” – which is
not an easy task.

You can trust in the fact that these folk’s that I use as my
Mentor’s, I use because they have not let me down – ever.
Instead, in almost every case, they have helped bring
me and my knowledge level to a much higher plain.

I add to my list regularly.  Sometimes it’s because some
new ‘up and comer’ that I’ve already been watching has
developed a ‘new system’, and has some excellent proof
that it works -and- sometimes, like the rest of you, it is
because someone I trust has brought them to me.

I also have people dissapear off my ‘Mentor List’ from
time to time, usually this is because they have become
stagnant or because they no longer seem to be an
active ‘daily participant’ in the Internet Maketing Industry.

This is an Industry that see’s changes on an almost daily,
definitely weekly basis.  If you are not looking, you can
get left in the dust by the next ‘big new wave’.

Although this is true for the most part, there are also
many time proven method’s for advertising your products
or services on the Internet, by driving traffic to your web
site (or sites) – targeted traffic.

These methods that have always worked, and more than
likely always will, because these methods work in unison
with the oporational design of the Search Engines.

These methods feed the Search Engines the information
they crave – exactly the way the Search Engines want to
receive it. 

These methods will always work, and I will show you many
ways that you can do this yourself in coming issues of my
Garrett’s Tip’s and Gift’s.

You know, at times we all find it hard to keep it together
and stay on track, and not get lost while we are trying to
attain success for ourselves and our businesses.

I have certainly had a problem with that in the past.  You
know, at one point I was actually spending 4+ hours a
day on just my email.  What an idiot I was then… :o )

Just remember, you are probably not the first one going
down the path you are on and if you run into problems,
and have questions, the answer is probably already out
there – you just have to learn how to look or ask for it, in
order to find it.

I want you to know that “You are not alone”, and I will be
happy to help you to the best of my ability.

I’m an old Domino’s Pizza Franchisee from waaaay back,
I’ll bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Yes, I was a dedicated Pizza Man for more than 15 years,
all the way up until the point of suffering a flood in a small
town in Northern California put my 4 store company out
of business.

An act of God can be a very swift ‘eye opener’.

Prior to being a Franchisee in Northern California, I ran
some of the highest volume Domino’s in the world in
the Washington DC area back in the late 1980′s, I even
Co-managed the #2 store in the world in 1988.  Between
4pm and 8pm on any given Friday night, we would take
the orders for, cook and send out on the road for delivery
over 1000 pizza’s!

One of the things that made us so ‘big and bad’ back
then was the management style that we were taught by
the folk’s in charge back then (Tom Monaghan, Dave
Black, Frank Meeks, and my Franchisee Brad Biggers).

This was known as the ‘T.E.A.M.’ method of management,
which simply stood for “Together, Each, Accomplishes
More!”  You might have heard of this before.

We also believed heavily in the ‘K.I.S.S. Principal’, which,
in case you’ve never heard of it before, stands for “Keep
It Simple – Stupid”, but that’s another set of lessons for
another time :o )

Both are ingrained very deeply in me and my everyday
way of being, and always will be.

I truly believe that If you and I share our best methods and
bits of knowledge with other’s who need it, it will bring you
and I a ‘loyalty’ from these folk’s that will encourage them
to be loyal back to us and ‘Buy Products From Us’ – and
Us Only – when there is something they want and we
happen to be one of the people selling it!

This is what I ‘teach and preach’ – and this is What I Do.

The people that are really successful, have learned this
lesson a long time ago.  They put a new name to it about
every two years or so, but the idea is still the same.

I think the last time someone ‘just came out with this idea’,
they called it something like ‘moving the free line’ or some-
thing cliche’ like that.  – does that ring a bell??

If you’ve been out here for very long you will notice a lot
of that type of thing.  Like where you see the very same
method twenty different times, and all they have done
is change the label of the / ebook / website etc…


where they take something that should be pretty much
clearly obvious to almost everyone, and put a wild new
fangled label on it, and a hip hop new video about it,
instead of an ebook, and act like it the hottest thing since
the fricken’ wheel (Mind Control).

Do you know what I mean (Mind Control)??

That was a little ‘Mr Subliminal’ for you old SNL fans…

I don’t mean to in any way take any sort of a shot a Frank
Kern either – the man is truly one of my idols, and just
freakin’ brilliant to say the least.  He is also a complete
master of ‘Re-Invention’.

Watch these guys, learn from these guys, and one day
it really will be you. 

It has worked for me, I’m not too far from their ‘inner circle’
now -and- soon, I will be there.

How bout you?

– Together, we can each get there quicker, don’t you

Thank you once again for entrusting me to 10 minutes of
your valuable time, I understand how much it means.

Feel free to contact me any time with any questions you
might have.

- Garrett

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

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