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This is a pretty cool tool for sure…and free!


This is a pretty cool tool for sure, and totally free too!

You point… you click… you are done!
I jumped on board to check it out.

FireFox and PhotoShop have been my main
graphics programs for a long time. After
playing around I have to say I will use the
IBC before anything else.


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Monday, December 29th, 2008

YouTube is now the #2 most popular site in the world!


Did you realize that YouTube is now the #2 most
popular site in the world, with nearly double the traffic
of Google?.

(No wonder Google bought Youtube for 1.6 billion)

Face it – Video is one of the most powerful methods
to deliver your message.

The problem is…………

Most videos suck….
We have all seen bad videos…..
Maybe you have even made one….


As more and more videos are produced and published
online, the quality of your video will determine the
success of delivering your message.

Discover simple techniques of Producing High Quality
and Powerful Videos

Step by Step Videos..

That show you exactly how to ‘Create Professional
Quality Videos’….every time!

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If you are using videos for:

Product reviews
Product help/support sections
Membership concepts
Information products
Sales letters
OptIn enticements

Then you already realize how important video is to
your Online business.

Make Your Videos Standout.

Quality never goes out of style

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Monday, December 29th, 2008

Get Your Free Microsoft Excel Invoicing Template Here!


** Here’s A Great Little Extra For Any Small Business
that has to send a Bill or Invoice out for services rendered
from time to time.

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Monday, December 29th, 2008

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Monday, December 29th, 2008

I recommend this ClickBank product.

Here’s my ‘ClickBank Affiliate Product Of The week’.

See for yourself here…


Because quite simply it’s leveling the playing field.


Oh – and don’t forget these:


“Six Figure Yearly”

“Confessions of A Lazy Super Affiliate”

“Instant Article Wizard” (Newly Upgraded!)

These are all excellent products that are all doing some
really excellent sales figures at ClickBank right now.

Remember – If you want to sell ClickBank products,
but aren’t really sure how to go about doing it:

It’s the very best ‘thing’ for teaching you these things:

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Do you do JV’s or do you plan on doing JV’s in the future?


This is the top Joint Venture site online, rivaling the
famed Warrior Forum. This is where marketers of
all calibers come to either get JV partners or to find
someone else’s product to promote as a JV partner.

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard of such products
as Butterfly Marketing, Product Launch Formula,
Get More Buyers, Google Nemesis, etc… .

If you’ve ever wondered how people know of these
huge launches in advance, well, it’s sites like the
Warrior Forum and JVNotifyPro.

Take a look at JV Notify Pro

These are great sites to be a member of, so you can
be on top of new developments before your
competitors are.

Knowledge is power in this industry for sure.

Also – check out ”New Age Marketing”.


Monday, December 29th, 2008

Free Rebrandable eBook for your Wealth Strategies section of your elibrary.

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Monday, December 29th, 2008

ClickBank is by far my favorite Affiliate Network.

Did you know that ClickBank is by far my favorite Affiliate

Well, it is.

You see, I love selling Affiliate Products.

Someone else has done all the hard work doing all the
designing of the product and the designing of the idea
and the site itself, and now they want to pay me 50%
-OR MORE- to just sell it for them.

What a great deal!  — I’m definitely in!

Now, when I’m selling Affiliate Products, I like to make
it as easy as possible on myself.

I like to work with Affiliate Networks.

I like working with Affiliate Networks when advertising and
selling Affiliate products because it gives me of the ability
to sell many products and have all the combined sales
proceeds from all those products put in one account.

I like ClickBank the best when it comes to using Affiliate
Networks because they pay like clockwork every two
weeks instead of monthly like most others.

Well, that’s the No.1 reason why I like working with the
ClickBank when working with Affiliate Networks.

There are several other reasons also.

I like their ‘Guarantee Policy’ also. If you are a Clickbank
vender (one who sells their product or products thru
ClickBank), you must agree to offer a ‘No Questions 
Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee for a minimum
period of 8 weeks on any product you sell through them.

This guarantee on all their products makes the customer
feel more at ease with a purchase because their happiness
is guaranteed or they can get their money back without
any type of problem – any time during the first eight weeks.

Another reason is the ‘Quality’ of the products they offer.

To qualify as a ClickBank Vender you have to meet certain
requirements that not all who apply meet.  The products you
sell have to meet certain requirements also.  These stringent
requirements are all in place for the protection of the
purchasers and other venders.

You see, I sell products thru ClickBank myself, like my
‘Total Resell Rights by Garrett Dann’ product located here:

An excellent Resale Rights product, if I do say so myself,
sorry – couldn’t pass up the ‘product plug’ :o )

As a ClickBank Vender I am very happy that their require-
ments are high. This means that they will always have an
outstanding reputation because they only accept Quality
Venders, Quality Products and strong protection for their
purchasers in the form of a Strong Guarantee.

Speaking of quality products, during my scanning of their
site this week I came up with some new ones I’d like to
start promoting.

Would you like to see what I found??

Here’s (4) H-O-T New ClickBank Affiliate Products that
are all winners and making the people that are selling them
a ton of money right now.

You need to take a minute to check them out.

‘Strike while the iron is hot’, and get these out to your lists
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Here’s the new products I’m talking about right here:


“Six Figure Yearly”

“Confessions of A Lazy Super Affiliate”

“Instant Article Wizard” (Newly Upgraded!)

These are all excellent products that are all doing some
really excellent sales figures right now.

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sure how to go about doing it, or atleast don’t know how
to do it well, than check out this product right here. It’s
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It’s Andrew Fox’s ‘Dominating ClickBank’, and it is the
very best product available for teaching you how to be
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It’s marked down $50 for the Holidays right now, but that
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You could be making money as fast as tomorrow, and
that is no exaggeration.

It’s only $47 right now and I’m telling you, it is designed
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Andrew just bought a 1.5 million dollar yacht from the
money he’s making using his own system and methods.

It’s also backed by the same guarantee that all ClickBank
products are backed with, so you just can’t lose.

Go take a look today:



Monday, December 29th, 2008

Do you like fun video’s?

Let’s take a little break off the beaten path of Internet

You really need to once in a while.

Do you enjoy entertaining video’s?

Because I have been sent some good one’s from a
couple of your fellow list members recently, so enjoy!

- This guys one of the best I’ve ever seen:

- You can’t even call what this guy does juggling…

Do you like cutting edge Magic?  Explain this one:

This video will surely put a smile on your face and I
thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share it with
you. So without further delay…enjoy video!

You are not going to believe this – ‘Art in the eye of a needle’. 


Heh, heh, heh…

Those were excellent weren’t they :o )

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did when I finally
had some time to watch them.

Do you believe that ‘Art in the eye of a needle’?  That guy is
a total freak isn’t he – sooooo talented, what a treat huh.

- Garrett

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Wow – Talk About BIG Traffic From “Small” Efforts…

I recently came across a traffic strategy that had completely crossed my
mind previously – viral marketing by creating basic freeware applications
and then submitting them to the major software directories (like etc…).

There’s a guy named Chris Rempel who’s using freeware programs to
generate literally thousands of “downloaders” (visitors) daily, and he’s
making a mint by promoting affiliate programs with that traffic.

He claims his best day so far was when one of his freeware applications
got downloaded about 22,000 times in 24 hours, bringing in about
$9,100.00 in affiliate commissions!

Thing is, he’s not even a programmer…

Check out his specific strategy for doing this – it’s the first of his 5
“hands-off” traffic techniques that you can find:
Right Here!

Are you like most, struggling to simply make a few dollars occasionally??
That can all change…

For your own sanity, take a look today.

- Garrett

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

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