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Garrett’s Recommendations….


I promised you that in the next issue I would give you my
personal recommendations for a few of the more important
services you will need to make use of if you really plan on
becoming a successful Internet Marketer:

For Web Hosting I recommend:
For Large Reseller Accounts – Hostgator:

For Small Reseller Accounts that cost only $4.95/ mnth – IPower:

For Affordable Video Hosting w/ plans under $10 – Infrenion:

For A Sequential Autoresponder Service I recommend:
1) AWebber – An Industry Standard for sure:

2) GetResponse – You can start for

3) Sendfree – When you want to Host big lists for less:

For Bulk Emailing Software I recommend:
If you have the Money, buy the best like I did from Gammadyne:

Or Grab a copy of Group Mail if you like Quality with Simplicity:

For A Link Tracking Service I recommend:
My LinkGuard:

Russel Brunson’s LinkBrander:

Well that pretty much wraps everything up.

Let me know what else you need by sending me your
requests here:

or post me a question on my Blog here:

Until next time, be good humans…

- Garrett


Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Garrett’s first set of answers…

Nancy Darin tells me that her biggest problem last year, and
it continues to be, is the overwhelming amount of email she
receives every day. She says that it ‘robs’ her of time she
knows she should be putting in on her business.

Q: She wants to know – “How do I escape my email??”

A: I had a terrible problem with this very same distraction,
and for me it got to the point where I was receiving more
than 2500 pieces of email a day.

This is how I got a handle on it.

If you own webhosting and can use your own email addresses
or if you have to use free email addresses from Hotmail, Yahoo
mail or G-mail the solution is the same.

Create ‘junk’ email accounts for absolutely every membership
you join or type of email you receive but, be wise about it.

For memberships I use a memberships@— address, for
companies that I am an affiliate of I use an affiliatecos@—
email address, for Joint Ventures I use a jvgiveaways@—
email address and when I join a list just to get a little goodie
from someone I use a gift@ or even junk@— email address

Then I set up my email client with ‘message rules’.

This way, when I download my email, the pieces of email are
automatically put into like named email folders under my inbox,
that were created for them.

Then, if I have time I read what I want, and when I am short
on time I just erase, erase, erase.

Important emails never get missed because they are separated
out and put in the ‘read 1st’ email box I created for them and
junk emails are always dropped in the junk email boxes that
I can erase without worrying about reading them.

I also only download my email once a day, first thing in the
morning, this way if something hot has just hit the market,
my email about it will be one of the first to hit my readers
email box’s.

This way I can escape my email, accept for the pieces that
have to reach me.

This has cut my having to go through over 2500 pieces a day
down to a quick review of 150 or so, wow, what a difference.

I hope this was helpful for Nancy, and maybe even helpful
for a few of you also :o )
David writes and says that he has (3) things he needs help

Focus – Finding a way to stop the research and complete
a project, but which one is best?

Finding time to complete tasks. I have to drink my coffee
and eat once in a while. Oh, and that sleep thing…it is not
overrated, it really is necessary.

and Thing3
Money – How could anyone buy every fantastic program
that will make them tons of money?

Q: How are these problems related? and what is the

A: Well, first of all David you do need to focus -and- as
a matter of fact one of my first posts this year had to do
with accomplishing that very task.

You can find that post right here:

If you take the time to read this post and do the steps it
outlines you will be able to prioritize the jobs you have to
accomplish into their order of importance which will give
you focus.

Stop analyzing projects and just pick one and get started
on it. Just force yourself to do this.

Yes you could do PLR, and you could do eBay, and you
could have a product made for you through outsourcing
-but- the only way you are going to know what you should
start with 1st is too make list of what each project you’re
considering will require of you.

If you pick your top (4) idea’s and then make lists of what
each one would require from you -and- what you think each
one would do for you or bring to your overall success – and
then compare the lists – your choice of what direction to go
and what project to proceed with 1st will be much a easier
one for you.

Schedule in time for relaxing and enjoying your coffee each
morning, you might need to get started with your day 15
minutes earlier than you currently are but you will be able
to enjoy your coffee or eat a relaxing lunch if you schedule
the time to do so.

So Focus – find a starting point through organization and close
comparison of what your alternatives are, then – Action – take
action on your comparison and move full force into acting
upon one of your projects with careful planning and close

Oh, and David, concentrate more on reading and educating
yourself on what your true options are, and the final path will
be a much clearer one.

Get away from the ‘analysis paralysis’, pick a project after
a carefully analyzing your options, and as Nike would say
- Just Do It!

Once you have accomplished your first ‘task’ you will feel
an excellent rush from the sense of accomplishment that
will follow.

After that, each task will come easier and be accomplished
more easily as well.

David, this will only help if you start by reading my post here:

I hope the solution I gave David helps him and some of
you as well.
Brandon D wants to know:

Q: What are some of the best places to buy traffic and
which ones are not scams?

A: Brandon, I have been doing business on the Net for more
than 8 years now and if there is one ‘true lesson’ that I have
learned it is – DON’T BUY TRAFFIC OR ‘HIT’ EVER!

These will not be people who are actually interested in your
offer and will require you to sell them on your product.

Well, let me back up a second. What I mean to say is, do
not purchase ‘lists’ or ‘targeted hits’ from the many ‘traffic
selling companies’.

This is not traffic that you would be happy with.

If you want to spend money to get hit’s I recommend that
you take a look at Anik’s and Amit’s PPC Classroom.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and there are no better
instructors anywhere for learning how to do Pay Per Click
advertising with outstanding results than Anik and Amit.

PPC Classroom is world renowned at this point -and- has
taught literally thousands of it’s members how to make
hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

I myself have been a member and have truly had my eyes
opened as to the correct way to use PPC. They don’t tell
you to advertise on just Google either, they suggest a triple
pronged approach using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search
marketing and MSN’s PPC program as well – all at the
same time.

They really go into depth on how to research all the different
niches you might be looking at, and how to pick the one’s
that pretty much ensure your success.

I just sent my Dad some info on their company earlier today
as a matter of fact, so I happen to have it handy.

Unfortunately, their registration is now closed but, you can
sign up to be notified when they re-open, which seems to
be about every 3 months or so right now.

Here’s where you leave your name and email:

As for right now, I have another solution for you, and you
have probably even heard of it because it’s hitting the IM
world in a big way right now, it’s called Google Slapper!

I reviewed a copy of this, because the owner is a good
friend of a good friend of mine :o )

Definitely check this one out Brandon.

Also, if I was considering buying traffic, and as a matter
of fact I have in the past, knowing what I know now, I
would have either put my money into PPC Classroom or
John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 or a membership with
Traffic Geyser.

You can check out John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0
offer right here:

and You can check out Traffic Geyser’s offer right here:

But Brandon, honestly, if money is a factor, and when is
money not a factor… I would probably put my $47 into
a copy of Google Slapper, which you can get here:

or Adeel’s new Google Ads Free Video’s product, which
you can get here:

Both are heavily backed by No Questions Asked, Money
Back guarantee’s – I know both owners -and they will
both bring you hordes of traffic for mere pennies, for
years to come.

Not one time traffic, paid for today and gone tomorrow
traffic, but instead – targeted traffic that is ‘already looking
for what you are offering – today – right now! – with money
in hand’

This is the kind of traffic you want if you want to pay for
traffic — so why not pay once, to learn how to generate
targeted traffic by the thousands for years to come – right!

I hope the solution I gave Brandon helps him, and some
of you as well.

When I get questions I will try to be timely about posting
my responses to the problems you have.

Thank you for your questions, I will try my best to help.

If you have a question or need help with something, post
your question to Me here:


As I always say…

“Adding To Your Success – Adds To My Success!”

Till next time – take care, and be good humans.



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I’ll be using JROX Affiliate Mangement Software…

Are you perhaps looking for a ‘Top of the Line’ Affiliate
Software Program to run your own Affiliate Program on
Your site?

Not a cheap little fre.ebie here, this ones for people that
are looking for a ‘bullet proof’ system at an affordable
price – one like the Big Boys use.

Check this out, they don’t make any better for the price,
This is the one I’m setting up on my site Right Now:


The JROX Affiliate Management System!

Just take a look – I think you will be impressed.

- Garrett




Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Todd Gross’ – Easy Offline Cash Review!

Have you checked out Todd Gross’ new ‘Easy Offline Cash’

You haven’t?  What are you waiting for fool! :o )


I’ve known Todd for a couple years now, and I’m sure if
you’ve been out here involved in the Internet Marketing
world for any time at all – you’ve heard Todd’s name.

He has become very well know in a very short period of
time as a fella that is always on the ‘Cutting Edge’ of what’s
New n’ Hot in the Internet Marketing world and bringing
it to his people lightning fast.

Well, I’ve taken a good look at what he’s got here and if
you’d like additional sources of income, that can come
from just having simple conversations with people you
already do business with, about their businesses.

- Then this is exactly what you’re looking for!


Take a look, and see if this is the extra source of income
you’re looking for - today.

Todd’s an excellent fella and he really stands behind his
products and the products he markets for others, you
can’t go wrong with a purchase from Todd Gross

But I am a little bias in that area, since he’s a friend — :o )



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Butterfly Marketing – for free…:o)

Some BIG news – a little late.

(News that may potentially upset some folks in 2 weeks.)

Mike Filsaime has announced that he is GIVING AWAY
5,000 copies of his award-winning Butterfly Marketing
Home Study Course.

Yes, for FREE…

Mike has taken the $1997 + s&h price of his best
selling course…

Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada….

- if you’ve seen one of these in the last two years, then you
have seen 20 of them, right!

Forced Continuity Programs – geeesh!

Here’s the deal – the info with these forced continuity offers
is usually Top Notch -but- has also been out here to the
“paying customer” for more than a year on the Net at this

Also, little bits and pieces can already be found littered
through out the forums and message boards on Net.

If you are new, this is one to pass up -but- if you know
how to build a webpage and are familiar with ftp, then you
will find some incredible info here.

I’m being completely honest with you here.

The important thing to remember is that ‘the owner of the
free ‘gift’ is counting on you forgetting about the monthly
expense for 2 or 3 months and even hoping that you will
fall in love with what he brings and will be ecstatically happy
with what you are receiving every month for your money.

If he can get 2 or 3 months of payments on his monthly
service out of you in exchange for the High Value Fre.ebie
that he’s giving you – well, then he has made a profit on
his investment in you.

If more people stick past the 1st, 2nd, 3rd month etc… than
cancel, it is more than likely a ‘money making promotion’
for him or her.

If you don’t already have a copy of Mike Filsaime Butterfly
Marketing Home Study Course – YOU WON’T EVER

Even if it is above your head right now, if you plan on being
an Internet Marketing Nomad at some point in the future,
you need to have this info.

Here’s the link again -and- it’s not even an affiliate link:

He’s only giving away 5000 copies and this offer has been
out there for a few day’s so – go get your now.

I paid more than $500 for mine about a year and a half
ago…you can have it for less than $10 :o )

Don;t be a fool, get it while you can

- Garrett



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Get your free CPA How-to Report Right Here!

Fre.e 89-Page Report Reveals “How To Make Money
With CPA Offers!”

This report is awesome, and free – for a limited time!

Get your Fre.e CPA Report right here:

Don’t miss this one, it’s information you need to have
if you do any marketing at all on the Net.


- Garrett



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Google Ads Free Video’s has finally arrived!

If you haven’t checked out Adeel’s new product, Google
Ads Free Video’s, you really should take a minute and give
it a look-see.

Until I got my Adwords advertising under control I only
made small amounts of income. With the use of Adsense
and ClickBank over the last two years my Affiliate income
has quadrupled – easily, maybe more.

I have found Adeel’s products to be both informative and
innovative. Take a look now, I understood he was about to
institute his 1st price increase, but even if that has taken
place – this product is worth every penny.

Here’s the link:

I hope you’ve made it in before the price increase, good

- Garrett



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Twitter lovers – grab this!

If you are using twitter, you will definitely want to use
this free system I just got a hold of.

It costs nothing ever, and even comes with 3 free gifts
just for using it. It will grow your followers on twitter
automatically for you once you start the system.

Its free, its cool, and it works.


- Garrett



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Instant Cash Blueprint has arrived…

Today is the day. You can be as impatient and demanding as you
want to be, because…

the rules of the game have changed:

If you’re like me, then you like and fully appreciate the best in life
- and you’re impatient as hell.

With my affiliate marketing…
- it converts, it pays immediately, or I pass.

I am hopelessly addicted to advertising products and websites that
pay instantly.

And now, a very well-known and respected internet marketer has hit
the nail on the head when it comes to getting “instant cash” from
affiliate programs and has a blockbuster of a story of how he lost

and used THIS blueprint to get it ALL back:

Like magic he was pulled back into the sweet life from what appeared
an inescapable black hole.

It’s all here:

-what he promoted

-where he succeeded

-which programs pay affiliates instantly (cash in pocket in less than
24 hours)

And now, the catch…

There are only 500 copies available this time and that number is literally
counting down every few seconds. I love this blueprint and honestly
believe it can dramatically change the life of any serious marketer who
reads and uses it.

If you get to this web site and it says “Sorry Sold Out” then I’m very
sorry but you need to get a move on to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I think there are still a few copies left so HURRY…

Here’s to your Instant Cash Profits,

Garrett Dann

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Shelly Ryan’s Instant Profit Machine is here!

Hi folk’s,

Tis just came across my desk and I had to pass it on to
you ASAP…

Internet entrepreneur Shelly Ryan has a few new positions
available right now…

If accepted you can easily rake in $11, 917 per month
starting from scratch using the automated software she
has developed for her team.


Once you’re accepted just follow the training Shelly gives
you – including her incredible robot software.

It’s really simple with that…

Learn how Shelly went from not being able to afford
Christmas gifts for her family to living a millionaire lifestyle
- and how you can too!


Due to the extremely high level of Hands-On time Shelly
spends with every new member she has to limit the number
of positions that she’s planning on opening.

Right now there are only 4 spots currently available to fast
go getter’s. If you’re interested you should move quickly.


Thanks for reading, hope you make it in time,

- Garrett

P.S. These positions may already be gone, and if that is the
case I’m sorry, I brought this to you as soon as I heard.


– don’t hesitate.



Friday, March 27th, 2009

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