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I have a special Joint Venture invitation for you!

Hey folk’s,

Garrett here.

I was invited to be part of this great event
that is ALL about Private Label Rights…

The promoter, Scott Case has asked me if I
knew anyone that would want to participate
in this venture…

Since I know YOU also have a site that could
work with this, you were one of the first
people I thought of.

I think you will really like what they are doing here
and I know you will jump on board like I did ASAP.

To get the “by Invite Only” private JV details, just
go here.

- Get Direct Download Links
- 3 Gifts Allowed
- 1 Special Offer Allowed
- 5 Text Ads Allowed

There is only a few days to get involved so,
check this out and join up today!

You’ll enjoy being part of this,



Thursday, April 30th, 2009

So I made that little video about ‘ph*shing emails’ the

As you know, I’ve been playing with my Camtasia Studio,
getting to know how it works, locking in some of the basic
functions etc…,

So I made that little video about ‘ph*shing emails’ the
other day….

…and wouldn’t you know…..I went over my Bandwidth!
first time out :o ) – what a novice mistake….(oh well…)

You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself :o )

We’re back online now and I have also uploaded the video
to my YouTube Account so, if you’d like you can view it and
save it to your favorites or send it out to your list members
by going to or directing your readers to here from now on:


I think it’s a smoother play also.

Again, sorry about my ‘shabby’ appearance and my needing
both a haircut and a shave, it’s the end of Winter here, what
can I say – heh, heh – oh well again – :o )

It was a first try with my new Camtasia Studio software, I’m
sure I’ll do much better as I use it more.  Maybe I’ll come out
with a series of helpful video’s showing you folk’s how I keep
myself and my computer safe while I have been building my
ebusiness, what nifty little free tools I find and use and where
I find them - or something like that.

Let me know what you think by posting your opinions right here
on my Blog below this post. – OK?

Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.

- Garrett



Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Join the ‘Elite Money Makers’ right here – today!

Got a minute, this will be real quick…

Your $19K/Month course went live just a short while ago…

Everyone will want exclusive access to this club, but very
few will get in…

Get in before he closes the doors for good.



If he closes down before you make it, he WILL NOT reopen in
the foreseeable future.

This is literally YOUR ONLY SHOT at this!

Click below to see if there is still time…


or — you could just miss out again….



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Have you seen what Holly Mann has up her sleeves?


I found another very cool plug-in to share with you today.

As I was doing my usual carousing of sites that I normally
look at to keep me up to speed in one of my niches, I
stumbled across a great WordPress plug-in.

I’ll leave the link at the bottom for you…

It’s awesome, and will allow you to share your new blog posts
simultaneously with 30+ Social Media sites.

It’s cool, you just hit publish and “boom”, your Facebook,
Twitter, Friendfeed, etc..etc, all hear about it.

It’s a great quick way to take care of many stones at once,
and help increase your traffic! As with most WordPress
plug-ins…totally no cost to.

One last quick thing…


There are only 3 days remaining in the *Official* launch
of Holly Mann’s last release “ever” of Honest Riches 3.

Many people have picked it up, and are extremely happy
with it. It’s an incredible value, and will practically become
a collector’s item among Internet Marketers.

Holly’s methods work..period! Always have-always will…

Don’t forget, you will also get the never before released
book *The Viral Sanctuary* on Holly’s download page.

You are actually getting double your investment.


Also, you save even more, when you try and leave Holly’s
page…you simply can’t beat it!

Go and check out all the information about this awesome
Wordpress plug-in now.

It will save all of us so much time.


Make Success Yours Today!

- Garrett

PS – here’s that link for the Wordpress PingPressFM plug-in:



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Have you grabbed your Zero-Dollar Marketing Info yet?

…and I was just saying…

Speaking of interesting and helpful video’s, take a look at
these here:


Awesome – Enjoy!

Garrett Dann



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Phishing Emails are a pain in the @#*!

I hate ‘phishing emails’ and their perveyors!

I’ve put together a small video on ‘phishing emails’ for you
here today.  Good people and good companies are having
to deal with this ‘phishing emails’ nightmare daily, it’s growing
at an alarming rate of growth right now and there doesn’t seem
to be an end in sight.

I dont know about you but even with my filters in place, I deal
with the onslaught of probably more than 50+ phishing emails
a day.

If you’re not sure what a ‘phishing email’ is or how to recognize
one, this video hold a wealth of information on exactly that
subject and you shall be enlightened.

Anyway…on with the show!

Just click this link here and you will automatically be taken to
a page I set up for the video.  Press the play arrow and the
video will start right away:  This might be the first video you’ve
ever seen me in.  This is also me at the end of Winter needing
both a haircut and a shave – heh, heh – oh well :o )


I hope this helps you stay protected, sorry for the slight back-
ground wind noise, I’ll make sure my office fan’s are off for any
future desktop video’s I do.

Don’t forget, if you receive a phishing email, make sure to
add the ‘from address’ to your ‘Blocked Senders’ list.

Th.Th..Th…That’s All Folk’s!

- Garrett



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

John Reese is at it again! (New Must-see Video)!

Internet Marketing ‘SuperGuru’ John Reese has just released
a great free video that will teach you how to maximize affiliate
commissions on auto-pilot.

In this video you’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up
an “Affiliate Commission Engine.”

You can set up as many of these little ‘engines’ as you want
in any market you want and they’ll work for you 24/7 – -
- – making affiliate income for you while you’re busy working
on other things.

Go right now and watch this video and start making more
affiliate marketing commissions right away:


You do not want to miss this one.



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

This Weeks Marketing Tip – Be thrifty when you can be!

By Garrett Dann

These are the kinds of days where every penny counts. Why
spend money on software if you don’t have to? I am a fan of
finding and using good quality software tools that I don’t have
to pay for.

I have quite a list of them.

So I thought I’d briefly let you know about what I consider to
be some of the more important ones to me – and I think they
will be to you also.

Mind you, I’m not making any money out any of these links.

OK first off – is an excellent office tools
package everyone should have a copy of. In many cases it is
even better than Microsoft Office. For one, the PDF file
format is directly supported without any plugins or printer

It also uses an intuitive menu system, a bit like MS Office
used to have before they introduced their “ribbon bar” that
takes up a lot of the valuable screen.

It will also import and export MS Office documents, so
you’ll still be use other people’s WORD files.


For web browsing, I prefer Firefox for its speed, flexibility,
and excellent security features:


With respect to PDF files, if I’m not using,
I produce them using either Cute PDF or PrimoPDF. Both
of these “look” like printers to any Windows program that
can use printers but instead of actually printing a document
they save it to a file in the new PDF format. They’re both
very easy to use and can be picked up right here:


For web page editing I use KompoZer available from their
site at It is a bug-fixed edition of NVU (N-view).

It is a WYSIWYG website editor and it’s unbelievably
sophisticated for a f.ree piece of software. I like it! You’ll
love it – get it here:


For graphics editing I use PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro
but I recently cam across a program called GIMP. I think
Gimp can do just about anything I normally do with my
programs (which are fairly expensive) and it’s completely
fre.e. It’s not the easiest of tools to get used to (easier than
Photoshop and PaintShop were) but, once you know it,
it’s very powerful – grab it for yourself right here:


When I produce videos that demonstrate my products,
I found Windows Media Encoder here:

How did I find out about all of these tools??

It’s simple.

Besides doing the obvious searches, I usually check for
“open source xxx,” where xxx is the type of product
(i.e. DVD player or WYSIWYG Editor etc…).

If the tool exists, most of the time, this will find it for you;
and you can usually find one of fairly very high quality.

The reason for that is that there are plenty of software
engineers out there who give their time regularly to improve
packages for their own purposes. After this they donate
their source code for the item to the community.

If the source code is available, others can try to improve
the programs. That’s how many of the above programs
came to exist in the first place!

…and more come along every day.

Hope you enjoy playing with and getting to know the
capabilities of all your new software, please remember who
was thinking of you and brought it to you today.

Take care for now, talk to you soon,

Garrett :o )

PS – You Can Find More Neet G-Tips On My Blog:



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Want an Awesome Niche Business on a Silver Platter??

Hey Fellow Niche Marketers,

Imagine, just for a minute… that you are walking down the
street and a complete stranger approaches you and holds
out a gift for you… the keys to their brand spanking new

While you are standing there stammering out a surprised
‘thank you’, he stops you and says, “Just a sec, see on that
key chain? It’s got your new house keys. Oh, and the
keys to your new speed boat….”

Never going to happen… right?


Is it a rare thing to find someone giving away something of
great value?

Yeah – You bet it is!

Well, Get ready… because I am going to hand you just that!

Not just yet though. I want you to spend a second just
thinking over your last few internet purchases…

Does this sound scarily familiar?

#1 You spend heaps of money on the latest ‘guru’ offering.

#2 Give it a go for a bit, maybe make a couple of dollars back
… but get bored.

#3 Feel like a bit of a failure because you were told all of these
other ‘newbies’ were doing it much better than you….

So you drop it and move on to the next thing…

Believe me when I say that you are not alone in this frustrating
cycle! Day after day people just like you are losing hope, lacking
inspiration and getting ready to throw the towel in.

Maybe this might even sound more familiar:

* You start a project

* You work hard to build it, make it look great and then….

* For some reason, nobody is visiting it…

It turns out that your website has an enormous amount of
competition, against people who have multi-million dollar
budgets – lets face it, not many of us can compete with that!

What you need is a niche.

YOUR niche!

A H-O-T Niche!

“What if I am not creative enough?” you say

That’s ok! This site, which is completely f’ree – is the perfect
option for you.


Every day you will be able to get a new niche suggestion, along
with the data showing the statistics about how many people
have searched for your niche, when, where and how – giving you
a perfect picture of your target audience.

Each week you will be given a fresh new PACKAGE of a product
that you can REBRAND as your own – including the ideas, stats
and everything you need to make this happen!

We also SHOW YOU how to monetize your site – by providing a
high converting affiliate product relating to each topic – so you
can put the information all together with the website builder
tools, in next to no time!

It’s all about giving you the ideas, tools and tips to help you on
the road to f’inancial fr’eedom!

Look folks, Niche Marketing is really where it’s at when you’re
trying to carve out your own little haven out here on the Net.

Have a look for yourself today, and grab access – while it’s
still f’ree!

- Garrett

P.S. This won’t last long, take a look today!

I’m not kidding.




Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Grab ExitSplash Today and get 100% from your website traffic!

Now, want to see “The Hottest Little Tool” – currently available?
– 1 tiny script + 5 mins = $4,329 … WOW!

Hey, check this out…

A new technology has been unleashed that has completely
rocked the online world!

Every now and then, someone releases a new product that
makes the rest obsolete. Those are rare, and hard to find …

But, Dave Guindon, one of the most brilliant software
designers for developing software tools that saves you
time and makes you money …

Because he just released a new tiny but powerful web script
called “Exit Splash” that increases your website sales almost


In fact, one top online traffic expert, Michael Jones, tested
Dave’s script and was able to increase his customer signup
rate by more than 325%!

As a result from those signups alone, he generated an
additional ($)4,329 in less than a week.

What’s shocking is you DO NOT need to drive more traffic to
your websites or services.

Exit Splash utilizes your current traffic and squeezes out the
financial benefits your business requires!


This technological masterpiece has already been PROVEN to
boost sales by up to 40%, and the marketers who manage to
get their hands on it are going to be at a huge competitive


This technology is so new that it sounds like science fiction!

But I assure you … it’s real, and it WORKS!

I highly recommend Exit Splash, and in my honest opinion,
everyone that owns a website should be taking advantage of
their exit traffic!


Garrett Dann

P.S. Even if you have a “good” converting sales page, you probably
have 95 out of 100 visitors leaving your site without taking any

Exit Splash can easily prevent website abandonment by up to
325% or more in the next 3 days!

So … hurry and download your copy today before he jacks up
the price:



“Exit Splash Increased The Number of Signups by 325% Resulting
in an Extra 2,140 New Leads! By the Way … Just Those Subscribers
in the First Week Made Me An Extra $4,329!”
- Michael Jones
“I Made Nearly a $1000 in Less Than 48 hours!”
- Paul Ponna

“I Made an Extra $2,692 in 1 Week Simply Using My Membership
Logout Pages … AND I Captured 387 Extra Leads to My Lists in
7 Days!”
- Marc Sibille

Yep, it’s that time again…

If you are thinking of getting this then why not from me?

Let me sweeten the deal :)

Order Exit Splash through me and I’ll also give you the following
free as a SUPER Bonus package available to the first 25 people
who order through my link ONLY.

My Digital Webmaster!

Mouse Over Info Box Creator!

CB Niche Builder!

Effective Copywriting 101!

The Free Ad System!

Instant File Recovery!

That’s right – All 6 X-Tra Bonuses – To The First 25 Only ordering thru this link here:

==> !

Good Luck!





Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

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