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What’s up, where’s Garrett been??

Hey everybody – I am back :o ).

Where have I been?

Well, it is a very long story so I will not bore you with the details,
the short of it is – my computer went kablooey!

I was deleting my emails one morning about 2 weeks ago and all
of a sudden they stopped being delete-able.  They just blinked
at me when I hit the delete button – all of the delete buttons :o (

I couldn’t even move them to the deleted folder.

I been having some little glitches here and there for some time now
and have been putting off the inevitable for as long as I could.

You know – the dreaded – full system reformat and CLEAN BOOT.

Everyone should really do this with their systems about once a year,
but we never do because we know the hassle we’re gonig to be in for.

The resetting up of our desktop, the reloading of all the stray drivers
we have to load, loading up all the various programs you’ve installed
since the computer was new etc etc etc.

The inevitability of getting to the loading of program #26, only to have
it go ‘aannk’ and have a conflict with one of the programs that was loaded
prior to it – and who knows which one right??  OUCH.

So – we ALL know why we put that one off don’t we :o )

Well, that’s the nightmare I just lived for the last 2 weeks, man am I glad
that 90% of that fiasco is over.  I’m down to just getting all my video
programs installed, adjusted and back in, camera’s hooked up and I’ll
be good to go.

It’s not going to happen tomorrow though, I’ll tell you why…

This is where I’m going to be tomorrow:

I’ll be at the 20th Annual Sierra Brewfest… oh yea – now that’s
gonna be a hoot!

My brother and I and several different friends over the years have
really enjoyed this one, it’s a regular event enjoyed every year by the
lot of us.

It’s $25 bucks for a ‘memorial glass’ and there will be 25 Micro-breweries
to just walk up to an ask for a glass of beer.  Every one of the breweries
always has 2, 3 (or a half dozen) beers for you to sample – you tell them
what you want, and how much of it you want (1/2 glass, 2/3′rds or a big
‘old old full one) and they’ll draft you up a cold one.

Drink it, pop back in line and grab another if you want!!

We’ve got a safe ride there and a safe ride home from my sister-in-law
so we boys can just drink and eat, eat and drink- till we’re just about
ready to explode.

Heh, heh, just joking… (not) :o )

I’ll take some video while I’m there and I’ll get it up on the Blog next

Saturday morning I’ll be putting in some time on my ‘project’ (shhh -
it’s a secret…) and then we’re off for Brewfest.  Another neet thing is
that almost all the breweries bring some sort of ‘SWAG’.

Oh yeah, lots of little goodies for all the drunk people, fishing lures,
beer cap magnets, bottle openers of all types, beer coaster, t-shirts
and more.  Food eating contest, up-side down beer drinking contests,
and music all day – it is just awesome.

We have been looking forward to tomorrow for more than a month, we
men are still country boys w/ red necks one day a year.  I guess there’s
probably a little of that in all of us though isn’t there.

We’re all just a bunch of Perry Belcher’s in one way or another – at least
me, my bro and several of my friends are any way!

Life’s a great trip so far :o )

So anyway, I’ll be back at work on Sunday this week too – man I don’t
like that
, but I have a very important project I am working on for all of
you right now, and with the loss of more than a week on the computer
thing I’ll be working on the weekends and burning some midnight oil
for the next week or two.

So I’m over the ‘hump’ with the computer prob, got a great day lined
up for tomorrow – and then it’s back to the project hard until it’s done.

Also, look for my announcement for my up coming JV Giveaway later
next week, and I’ll get some more goodies out to you guy’s and gal’s
over the weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend – get out and enjoy atleast a little of
it, everyone deserves a little reward on the weekends.

It makes working hard all week a little easier, until your Online business
is at the point of just ‘flying along’.  Once you get here, it almost seems
that ‘life can’t get no better’.

Later dudes and dudett’s -

- Garrett




Friday, July 24th, 2009

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