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Building your Internet Empire through the multi– million dollar ‘Niche Marketing’ industry?

Are you into building your Internet Empire through the multi–
million dollar ‘Niche Marketing’ industry?

“Niche Blueprint 2.0″… all that needs to be said.

Check this out Garrett,

Listen carefully because… when the original version of
this course first was released, it sold out in less than
a week, and they have already sold more than 2,000 copies
of their updated 2.0 version in just over 24 hours!

He’s sure to close it any day now.

If you want to tap into weird niches you probably don’t
even know exist and suck all the profit out of them,
leaving your competition scratching their heads, then I
suggest you take a look at this proven *Blueprint* for
dominating obscure niche markets:


So… what is this Niche Blueprint 2.0 course all about?

Well, these results are SO extraordinary, as you’ll see
after clicking the link below, they have actually been
featured in both the New York Times and on Fox News:


But here’s the *weird* thing…

This doesn’t involve:
- Affiliate Marketing
- Adsense
- selling ebooks
- or any of the other usual type of stuff…

…and in order for YOU to successfully copy this *million
dollar* system and make tens of thousands of dollars each
month as well, you won’t need ANY of the usual prerequisites
that are normally needed for you succeed online…

In other words:

- No Email List

- No Product Of Your Own

- No Affiliates or Joint Venture Partners

- No Pay Per Click

- No Internet Marketing Experience

- No Copywriting or Website Skills

And since, in most cases, all of the above usually takes
most people months or even years to master, it basically
means that you get to skip all that and start earning
faster with this system than you do with just about any
other type of online business model that’s ever been

You will learn how to build a ‘recession-proof, niche
e-commerce businesses’ in unique niches made up of super
fanatical people that are willing to spend all kinds of
money to satisfy their passions.

Go see what this is all about before they end up closing
the doors as fast as they did the last time around…



Garret Dann

PS – I fully endorse this product and it’s developers:



Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Simple Search Engine Optimization Tasks You Should Always Perform.


Search engine optimization is important for getting a higher
ranking on search engines – and thus more exposure to
your website.

However, it can be very expensive to engage the services
of search engine optimization specialists to take care of
this for you. In fact, some large companies pay many
thousands of dollars just to get their websites to rank
higher in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Of course not everyone has this kind of money in their
budget to spend on SEO, and as such most people choose to
do this themselves.

Just be aware that achieving a high ranking is not easy,
but if you have more time than money then naturally this is
the preferred method.

To help you get started, here are 6 things you need to do
to optimize your website to give yourself a fighting chance:

1. The Title Tag:
The title tag is the most powerful on-site search engine
optimization you have, so use it creatively. What you place
in the title tag should include the keywords that you are
trying to optimize your page for.

And most importantly – every single web page should have
its own title tag!

2. The Alt Tag
The Alt tag is the text for an image. When you move your
mouse over an image and it shows some text, you’re seeing
an alt tag.

While you need to put your main keywords in these alt
tags, don’t abuse this technique. If you do, it may be seen
by the spiders as trying to spam the search engines and
this will cause your site to be penalized, which may result
in a drop in your rankings.

3. Your Link Popularity:
Link popularity is one of the most important off-page
search engine optimization technique you can carry out, so
you should place a huge emphasize on this in your overall

You need to request links constantly from highly related
website to increase your link popularity – plus you need to
write and submit articles, participate on forums and post
on niche related blogs to obtain as many “one-way” links
pointing to your site as you can.

When your website popularity increases, many people will
want to exchange links with you. Make sure your potential
link partners do not have a website that competes with you,
and never exchange links with link farms (websites with
only links and no content) as this can hurt your rankings.

4. Your Keyword Density:
Keyword density is the number of times your keywords
appear on your page expressed as a percentage to the rest
of the text on the page.

This optimization factor is rather important. If it is too
high, it may be considered as spam by the search engines.
Conversely if it is too low, the search engines won’t
recognize it as a content worthy page.

There is no magic figure when it comes to how many
keywords you should have in each page of your site, but a
common theory is that you should try to have a keyword
density of between 3-5%, while still maintaining a good flow
that makes sense and sounds completely natural to your

To improve your keyword density you should use the
appropriate keywords in the title tag, in your the heading
tags, and in bold or italic text in your body.

5. Your Keyword Relevance:
Keyword relevance is where on your page you keywords
appear and this can have a profound affect on your rankings.

You should try to place your main keyword in your
headings, sub-headings using the h1 and h2 tags. Plus in
is also advisable to include your keywords at the beginning
and end of your content, with a natural sprinkling in

Search engine optimization rules can change anytime and
will result in an increase or decrease in your rankings, so
it is recommended that you never solely rely on search
engine optimization as your only method of driving traffic
to your site.

To maintain a steady traffic to your site, you should use
a number of traffic generation methods to ensure your long-
term success – it’s the safest way!

Well, that ought to give you a good start.

Save this to your Website Info and Design Tips folder for future
reference. You don’t have a ‘Website Info and Design Tips’

Well go ahead and make one then… :o )

Hope these tips help you get more sales.

- Garrett



Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

According to…

According to, Youtube is the third most visited
website on the entire planet. The only websites that rank ahead
of Youtube are Yahoo and Google. According to Google, Youtube now
serves up more than 200 million video views every single day and

If you were able to drive just a thousand visits per day from
Youtube to your website or eBay store, you’d probably be happy
with the money you’d be making.

But the problem is, how do you get a video that generates 1000′s
of views daily?

I have seen two different video’s lately that have given me some
great idea’s.

I want to bring you great systems of ‘my own’ this year but I
also want to share any ‘cutting edge’ tactic’s that I come
across, uncover or are brought to me by my friends.

These two guys and their video’s fit in that category.

The first one you might have already heard/seen -but- the second
one brings up an excellent point that you really want to consider
giving some thought to if you have already seen the first one.

Here are the two video’s I am talking about, you really should
view both in their entirety if you want to learn THE HOTTEST
YOUTUBE TRICKS currently being shared.

See them today because that product has already launched and most
folk’s take the pre-launch video’s down very shortly after the
product launches.

These are definitely Marketing Tips you don’t want to pass up:

George Brown:


When you decide to purchase ‘Traffic Ultimatum’, please purchase
it through my affiliate link here:

==> http://ffaa95tyafpmcxlg8cv2–

Once you have completed your sale, email a copy of the receipt
to me at and I will send you
your BONUS immediately.

Georges previous product – (touted to be the best on the market):

==> George’s First Product Right Here – Just Click Me!

is something you should take a look at also – George is a genius.


Here’s an excellent little video you probably have not heard

Peter here attacks the same situation from a slightly different
angle -and- he makes a very good point that the video’s above
from George do not.

See if you can catch what it is:

Peter Parks:

Check Out Peters Video and see ‘the thing’ that George does’nt tell you.

– First one with the right Answer will be sent a BONUS! – Comment Below!



Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

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