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Do you live in the United States?

Do you live in the United States??

I found this extremely upsetting, you might also…

I knew things were bad but, seeing them in this fashion is a
real eye opener for sure…

Please view this 30 second video to see what I am talking about:


If you don’t want this to be YOUR picture, take a look at this as
soon as you can:


What is it??

It’s a surefire way to make sure that the video I showed you, won’t be
representative of your current picture in the near future.

Take a look right now.

- Garrett

PS – Say what you might about Michael Jones but, the plain fact is, this
man knows how to teach other people to make ‘big bucks’ easily.


Check it out, it might be YOUR answer.

- Garrett



Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Hey ,have you seen Jeff Bodes Affiliate Formula Report yet?

A friend of mine, Jeff Bode, just released Simple Affiliate
Formula report that will show you the exact site that got 2
top rankings in Google and $618.58 take home cash from just
3 hours of work!

That’s right, just 3 Hours!

Interested in hearing more??
So I figured…

Click on the VIP link below to be taken to your download page:


This takes you directly to a download page full of goodies.
You remember ‘goodies’ right?

Click Here Now For Instant Access


Hope this aids in your success,

Garrett Dann

PS – Look for a webinar announcement from Jeff and I over the
next couple weeks.



Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Excellent eBook – Check it Out!

And for those of you that are interested, you can get an
incredible deal on an awesome ebook by a very good
friend of mine “Holly Mann”, her *Updated ‘Version 3′
of Honest Riches at:

==> Ad Holly’s eBook To The Cart Right Here

I believe the site just launched yesterday or today, so
get over there before she reaches her quota and closes
the sales page.

Good Luck!

- Garrett
P.S. ==> Don’t forget to grab your fre.e List Building ebook

P.P.S. And if you haven’t just yet, it’s not too late, get in on
the Mega Red Packet now before the price increase:
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Shutting Down Soon – might already be closed!

** They MUST Shut This Down (I’m Sorry)

Hey, have you checked this out yet??

There were only 300 of these to begin with and now
they are almost gone.

This is likely your last chance to get in.

Go here right now:


I hope you make it in!

- Garrett



Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The MEGA RED PACKET Is Now Available!!

Did you see my note yesterday??

Hey Folk’s,

Over the past week, you’ve probably heard people
talking about Mega Red Packet and how they were
forecasting this to sweep the Internet Marketing arena
by storm and put a stop to the global economic
recession “hoo hah”.

If you want to be in business today with a string of
membership sites and proven products that you can
confidently sell as your own – without going through
all the hassles of creating and getting frustrated with
technical problems – this is your ticket out:


And what about TRAFFIC? It will be the least of your
problems when you see what my friends Vince Tan,
Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc have in store for you here:


But hurry and act now because…

More than 8,210 blogs and websites are talking about

More than 300 tweets on Twitter are about the Mega
Red Packet event.

Nearly 2,000 people have rushed to join the Advanced
Notification List.

Only 1,000 membership spots are available. You do
the math.

Click this link now and make a difference to your
business and financial destiny tomorrow:


Always trying to help :o ),

- Garrett

P.S. There are also a series of Early Bird Bonuses up
for grabs for a limited time only. Here are a couple of

One of them can help you cover your investment in 14
days, and later profit on automation.

Another bonus lets you cover your investment back
possibly in 24 hours or less!


P.P.S. PLUS – Purchase through my link here and you
will also receive (3) 30 Minute Mentor Sessions with
me here you can ask me anything you like or get my
help with any project you are working on.

That’s a minimum $750 Value!
(don’t click until you clear your cookies)

Just email me a copy of your receipt to:


I hope some of my Team members make it in.




Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The Optimum way of hiding your Affiliate Links!


The easiest, most secure way to do this is with an on page
redirection script I picked up a couple years ago.

Try this:

Open a .txt file in the text editor in your computer and paste this
code in there, saving it as index.txt



location =3D “URL”;




Go to the affiliate page you want to link to and at the top
of the page in the address bar click “the Link to this page.”

Once you have the URL for your affiliate page, then paste
that into your .txt file where it says URL in quotes, leaving
the quote marks in place.

Save and upload to your hosting server as a .txt document.

Once it’s uploaded, rename it index.html or in my case very
often (index.php) since mine is very often a php file.


Your new Index page now redirects to your affiliate page with
your ID in it.

If you have doubts, click on any of the sales links and make sure
it leads to a ClickBank, PayDotCom or PayPal etc… page that has
your affiliate ID on it at the bottom.

I feel this method accomplish this task the best.

That’s it for now,

Take Care

- Garrett



Monday, May 4th, 2009

Have you seen what Holly Mann has up her sleeves?


I found another very cool plug-in to share with you today.

As I was doing my usual carousing of sites that I normally
look at to keep me up to speed in one of my niches, I
stumbled across a great WordPress plug-in.

I’ll leave the link at the bottom for you…

It’s awesome, and will allow you to share your new blog posts
simultaneously with 30+ Social Media sites.

It’s cool, you just hit publish and “boom”, your Facebook,
Twitter, Friendfeed, etc..etc, all hear about it.

It’s a great quick way to take care of many stones at once,
and help increase your traffic! As with most WordPress
plug-ins…totally no cost to.

One last quick thing…


There are only 3 days remaining in the *Official* launch
of Holly Mann’s last release “ever” of Honest Riches 3.

Many people have picked it up, and are extremely happy
with it. It’s an incredible value, and will practically become
a collector’s item among Internet Marketers.

Holly’s methods work..period! Always have-always will…

Don’t forget, you will also get the never before released
book *The Viral Sanctuary* on Holly’s download page.

You are actually getting double your investment.


Also, you save even more, when you try and leave Holly’s
page…you simply can’t beat it!

Go and check out all the information about this awesome
Wordpress plug-in now.

It will save all of us so much time.


Make Success Yours Today!

- Garrett

PS – here’s that link for the Wordpress PingPressFM plug-in:



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

John Reese is at it again! (New Must-see Video)!

Internet Marketing ‘SuperGuru’ John Reese has just released
a great free video that will teach you how to maximize affiliate
commissions on auto-pilot.

In this video you’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up
an “Affiliate Commission Engine.”

You can set up as many of these little ‘engines’ as you want
in any market you want and they’ll work for you 24/7 – -
- – making affiliate income for you while you’re busy working
on other things.

Go right now and watch this video and start making more
affiliate marketing commissions right away:


You do not want to miss this one.



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Grab “ClickBank Affiliate Spider” right here!


Here’s a nice download for you.

It’s a software program called “ClickBank Affiliate Spider”
and it enables you to learn all about your own ClickBank
affiliates AND your competitors’ affiliates too!

And that’s just for starters.

The software includes giveaway rights and comes with a
ready-to-go squeeze page.

Here’s the direct download link:
(8.5 Mb Zip file)

How can you pass up a cool freebie like this :o )




Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Grab your copy of ‘Overnight Affiliate Cash’ right now!

Ok, let’s dive right in…

A few days ago I told you about someone that can and WILL
show you how to kick the butt out of your previous affiliate
efforts. Keep reading to see who this is (you might have heard
of him before…)

The previous struggle to see heavy duty affiliate paydays is over.

Your previous battle with success is NOT because you are
NOT a hard worker, and it’s NOT because you are not smart.

I am going to tell you about an entire system so simple, yet so
well crafted that it will literally DWARF the efforts of your
previous affiliate *slave* labor.

Before I explain what this new killer method is, I need to ask
you a serious question:

If you and your partner were about to have a new baby, and
you wanted to know the best way to cope with early parent-
hood, who would you listen to the most:

a) A single, child free nanny who is great with kids and hopes
to have kids of her own one day


b) A mother and father of three, whose children are now
grown up and at college?

If you answered a), then it was nice to spend time with you,
have a great day. Take care.

If you answered b) then let me ask you another question:

Doesn’t it also make sense to listen to a young guy who has
made a small fortune online as an affiliate and has single handed,
ramped up an unstoppable army of new businesses as a result?

A guy who has solid proof, case studies and video walkthroughs
that blow any doubt right out of the hype infested water?

A guy who is also responsible for creating:

- 250k in his first few years on eBay.

- a few thousand per month selling SEO and link building
services with just one small article!

- a PPC product that is ripping up the dance floor on CB
(without JV’s or affiliates!)

- a kick-ass membership site doing thousands more per month
quietly in the background

As you might have guessed, this is a real guy I am talking about.

And as you can clearly see, he KNOWS WHAT HE’S

Let me introduce to you the affiliate powerhouse that is Adeel


Adeel is one of those guys that just gets on with it.

He’s one of “us”. But he’s seen what it’s like from the top of
the hill. He’s escaped the trenches and can simply watch the
battle unfold down below.

Now he wants to pull YOU out of the blood bath of affiliate
marketing and bring you up to the TOP of the hill where the
air is CLEAR and grass is GREEN.

Adeel is a guy who truly knows how to turn a few pathetic
paydays on Clickbank into daily sales totals of hundreds of

Now he’s going to show you the exact steps to take.

Adeel is ready to spill the beans. But listen up, because this is
not some “tell all” opportunity…

He’s keeping this one under a closely guarded community.

Understandably, Adeel doesn’t want everyone and his brother
knowing his time tested techniques to affiliate freedom. He’s
worked too hard and too long to work this out for himself.

Too many people using his techniques will bring him right back
down into the bloody trenches of the marketing war zone.

What is this new system that I speak of?


Let me tell you first off, this is THE hottest way to clean up with
other people’s products.

This system is ingenious, because it uses the hard work of the
‘Big Guns’ in an industry.

This system is:

- stupidly simple, but also cleverly crafted
- risk free when you follow along
- proven through trial and error
- fully documented, step by step system including real life case
studies on video
- proven to shut out the pitfalls you can easily fall into as an
affiliate marketer

This is an entire affiliate marketing system that is being used by
the top guns right through to the little guys quietly raking in cash
behind the scenes.

But do you qualify to get your hands on this affiliate marketing

Well, I can tell you that this system requires:


I present to you Adeel Chowdhry’s Overnight Affiliate Cash.


“O.A.C” is capable of reinstating your faith in affiliate riches,
putting steak on the table every night…(and then some).

I have already been through my review copy and you really
need to see what Adeel has in store for you.

He didn’t tell me how many places would be available, but if
you know Adeel, you’ll know that he’s straight down the line
with everything he says and does…so if he says the doors are
closing or that he’s going to limit the number sold, you better
believe it.

Go check it out, you’ll never turn your back on affiliate marketing


This ones a winner!

Garrett Dann

Friday, April 24th, 2009

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