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Article Assistant – yours today for nuttin’ honey

You folk’s are going to love this little ‘goodie’.

I actually use and recommend this guy’s stuff for training
my staff.

Almost 2500 customers have actually paid for it but…

Now he’s giving it away for…



You get the software and training for free.

Check it out:


This for me to you – Enjoy!

- Garrett Dann




Friday, August 28th, 2009

Have you met my friend “Melanie Mendelson” yet?


Have you met ”Melanie Mendelson” yet?

If you go to Google and enter her name “Melanie Mendelson” in a
search box, you’ll get over 12,000 results.  And believe it or not,
99% of them are for her (and not some other person with the same
name).  I check those search results from time to time by going to
a random result page and looking at the summaries – and yes, most
of the time it’s truly her :)

Most of those search results are for her articles.  She writes short simple
articles and allows other websites to publish them.  The catch?
They must include her “About The Author” information and a link to
her website at the end of the article.

People read her articles on those websites, then click on her links
and end up on Her website.  And those people who liked her articles
are VERY likely to buy her products!

Writing and submitting articles is her favorite method of getting
free publicity. 

It only takes her 30 minutes to write an article.  She has structured
this process such that every minute is accounted for :)   Everyone
who follows her process can write an article in 30 minutes – even if
they hate writing.

You can learn more about her “30 Minute Article Writing System” at

Here’s To Your Success,

Garrett Dann - ”The Marketing Man”

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

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