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“Expert WordPress” blog installer is now available as a F-R-E-E download!

Hey Gang,

I wanted to share some rather exciting news with you – “Expert WordPress”
blog installer is now available as a F-R-E-E download!


I’m not kidding…

This installer is the simplest way to create a SECURE WordPress blog packed
with features and benefits that were previously available only to paying

* 3 Step easy install process
* Search Engine Optimized, Web 2.0 enabled WordPress blog
* Multiple Monetization Options built right into the package
* Custom theme that requires no technical knowledge to customize
* and much, much more…

I could go on and on describing the entire package but I feel it would be
better if I just let you see the video Alex put together:


This is awesome, I have many members that have used Alex’s “Expert WordPress”
to put together many Blogs and make many thousands of dollars.

Is it your turn yet?

It can’t be any simpler than it is with “Expert WordPress”!

Take a look today and see if this is just what you are looking for.

Here’s To Your Success!

- Garrett Dann

P.S. You will be presented with an offer to upgrade before you download.
I highly recommend you evaluate this offer since upgraded members get
F-R-E-E ‘Support’ as just one of the many exciting benefits.




Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Free Blogging SEO Software – help yourself!

Here is another free gift that I just found…

It is a piece of software….Traffic-Getting SEO Blog Software!

You can download it with just your email address:

Go Here To Get It!

==> Grab your Underground Blogging Software Right Here!

Training is also included!

Go get it, Today — Jeff can’t continue to be the generous for
too much longer.



Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Tweet My Blog, Tweet My Blog, Tweet My Blog – Please!

Don’t forget to pick up your ‘Tweet My Blog’ Plug-in for
all your WordPress Blogs.

There’s absolutely no cost – and it kicks ass.

==> Get Tweet My Blog Here!

Please – Don’t Forget To Check Out My Blog!


New Articles, Video’s and Downloads are being added to
the site regularly.

– Please post some comments if you have a chance, I
really appreciate your feedback!



Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Are you familiar with Yaro Starak?


Yaro is a Supreme Master Blogger, and he is very free with his
How-to’s and Tip’s, which has helped me a great deal over the
last two years.

How free??

As a matter of fact, I have 2 gifts for you from Yaro right here:

==> Get a copy of Blog Profits Blueprint right here!

On that page you can get yourself a free copy of Yaro’s “Blog
Profits Blueprint”, and be reading it just minutes from now.

It’s 55 pages of awesome Blogging knowledge that everyone
else is charging good money for.

Get yourself a copy today.

The 2nd gift can be found right here:

==> Grab a copy of the Membership Site Masterplan

On that page you can get yourself a free copy of Yaro’s “The
Membership Site Masterplan”, and be reading it just minutes
from now Also.

The Membership Site Masterplan is 72 pages of Hidden Tips
and Secrets that will help you open and run a successful
Membership site.

This ebook is also packed with knowledge that everyone
else is charging good money for.

Get yourself a copy of this one today too.




:o )




Friday, June 12th, 2009

Have you seen what Holly Mann has up her sleeves?


I found another very cool plug-in to share with you today.

As I was doing my usual carousing of sites that I normally
look at to keep me up to speed in one of my niches, I
stumbled across a great WordPress plug-in.

I’ll leave the link at the bottom for you…

It’s awesome, and will allow you to share your new blog posts
simultaneously with 30+ Social Media sites.

It’s cool, you just hit publish and “boom”, your Facebook,
Twitter, Friendfeed, etc..etc, all hear about it.

It’s a great quick way to take care of many stones at once,
and help increase your traffic! As with most WordPress
plug-ins…totally no cost to.

One last quick thing…


There are only 3 days remaining in the *Official* launch
of Holly Mann’s last release “ever” of Honest Riches 3.

Many people have picked it up, and are extremely happy
with it. It’s an incredible value, and will practically become
a collector’s item among Internet Marketers.

Holly’s methods work..period! Always have-always will…

Don’t forget, you will also get the never before released
book *The Viral Sanctuary* on Holly’s download page.

You are actually getting double your investment.


Also, you save even more, when you try and leave Holly’s
page…you simply can’t beat it!

Go and check out all the information about this awesome
Wordpress plug-in now.

It will save all of us so much time.


Make Success Yours Today!

- Garrett

PS – here’s that link for the Wordpress PingPressFM plug-in:



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Do you have any Blog Carnival Submission Software? Wha..?

My friend Matt Garrett made short video a little while back
that shows you how to get fr.e.e traffic to blogs and websites
with his new Blog Carnival Submission Software, if you
haven’t seen it yet then you can watch it here –


Note: it’s only 5 mins long and is pure content.

This is one of the simplest traffic tricks you can use, it only
takes a few minutes to do for each blog and is fr.e.e, which
is always cool.

It’s also very effective, I’ve used this tactic on many of my
blogs, including my most popular ones!

If you’d like to make the whole process even quicker and
easier then here’s is a cheap software tool that you can
use top help speed up the process even more: -


Note: you don’t have to use this tool to do blog carnival
submissions, you can do them for fr.e.e by hand, but this
tool will make the whole process soooo much quicker and
easier to accomplish, which for just $27 is pretty cool,

but it’s up to you….

:o )



Friday, April 24th, 2009

Expert WordPress owners Alex and Dmitriy have gone Mad!

Hey Folk’s,

You are looking at a Blog!

Do you have a Blog?

Do you want a Blog, and not just a Blog but, an
awesome Blog – already SEO equipped??

This is just in… and I want you to benefit first from it.

The guys behind Expert WordPress: Alex and Dmitriy have
gone mad!

They are giving away their most valuable possession
absolutely FREE – Expert WordPress installer:


It is an incredible tool but instead of me talking I want you
to simply watch the video provided by Alex that shows off
what exactly you get. It is truly incredible and previously
this package was only available as $27 purchase.

Don’t miss the opportunity before they realize their mistake
and pull that off:


Hope this helps your quest for success!

These guys only Look Good if they Help You!



Friday, April 24th, 2009

Blogger’s know the name Matt Garrett!


If you do Blogging or want to learn how to Blog, it’s best
to have a Mentor or two to gether instruction from.

I have hooked on to a fella lately that you need to meet.

His name is Matt Garrett, and he is a consummate Blogger.

Matt is also a king among men because he likes to share
what he has learned – alot.

To get to know Matt (and pick up a few goodies he just
gives away) check out Matt’s Blog right here:

Matt Garrett’s Blog Tactics Blog

Please let him know that Garrett told you to drop in on
him, I would appreciate that, it’s nice to know when
people are talking about-cha.

When you get there you’ll find his excellent f.ree report:

Matt Garrett’s Free Blog Tactics Report:

Under the report you will find links to some excellent
Blogging Tools that Matt is letting you have for just
dropping by and signing up.

This includes his Blogging Keyword Tool, his Blog Link
Finder, his Blogging Project Manager and his Blogging
Forum Poster, all totally f.ree.

– I picked mine up last week. :o )

Another thing…

Every Marketer who’s really making money online has
a blog, for the simple reason that it’s a real easy way
to get great search engine rankings and loads of f.ree
traffic, but..

Have you ever wanted to know how the “experts” can
get a blog up and running in a matter of just minutes…?

Download These Blogging Videos

Does the idea of having to learn all that “techie”
stuff put you off…?

I used to feel the exact same way and it took me ages
to get over my fear of messing it all up, wasting time
and getting nowhere, but not anymore!

Now I can get a blog up and running and configured for
maximum traffic to rake in the money in just minutes,
and I’ll show you how…

Download These Blogging Videos

Inside the BlogTactics Free Blog Setup Guide there are
step by step tutorial videos to show you how easy it is
to: -

# Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog
# Buy an Existing Blog
# Pick Up An Expired Domain With Traffic & Pagerank
# Choose A Good Host For Your Blog
# Which Is The ONLY Free Blogging Script You Should
   Use & Why
# Update Nameservers
# Add A Site To A cPanel Host
# Install A WordPress Blog Using Fantastico in just
# Set Up Your Email For Your Blog, Including How To
   Cut Down On The Spam You Get
# Upload Files To Your Blog
# Automate Future Posts With WordPress
# Add A Newsletter Subscription Form To Your Blog to
   start building your own subscriber list
# Create A Custom Header Graphic
# Add Images To Your Blog Posts
and lots more…

So grab your copy now:

Download These Blogging Videos

If you have any questions about setting up your blog via
the video tutorials, please let me know and I will try
to help you out as best as I can.


Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Pick up Blog Helper here – right now!!

Hey folk’s,

I’ve got another helpful Blogging goody here for you.

Have you heard of Blog Helper?

What Does This Amazing Software Do?

– Identifies WordPress blogs with the ‘no follow’ tag
in the comments field in ANY niche you choose.

– Saves you time and effort from searching for blogs
manually to leave comments on and building backlinks.

– Shows you the Page Rank of each of the individual
blog posts itself and the home page of the blogs.

– Displays the Alexa ranking of each blog (so you know
what’s the amount of traffic the blog receives).

– Tells you if you have left a comment previously on the
blog so you can track your link building efforts with
much ease.

– Allows you to save your findings and results for more
effective tracking/analysis in the future.

And Much, Much More!

You can see a description page here:
BlogHelper Description Page

There is no purchase or download link there.

To download the .zip file click here:
BlogHelper .zip Download

I’m sure you will enjoy this.

I Hope this helps with your success,

Garrett Dann

Are you enjoying these Blogging F.reebies I have been
bringing you?

If so, I would appreciate a comment on my Blog if you
have a minute. It raises the spirit when a person knows
they’re helping others.




Thursday, November 20th, 2008

I’ve got another blogging essential here…:o)

Hope you picked up those Blogging Video’s I told you about
yesterday.  If not – go get ‘em right now:

Download These Blogging Videos


Today I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you about
some cool new software by blogging genius Jack Humphrey.

It lets you see inside the mind of your market at any
given time…

Instantly giving you ideas for content, products,
partners, and more.

Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing!

Check it out, Alan…

=> Check Out Blog Talk Monitor Right Here:

I get absolutely nothing for telling you this, it is strictly out of
the goodness of my heart.

This is an excellent tool that Dan Kelly turned me on to, so
now I am turning you onto it.

Hope this helps your success,

Garrett Dann

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

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