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I am a ClickBank Sales Affiliate!!

Hey folk’s,

If you’ve read any of my material for very long, I’m sure you are
already well aware of the fact that I back ClickBank products.

I have made a lot of money using products that I have purchased from
ClickBank -and- ClickBank sends me a lot of money for the sales that
are brought in by me promoting the CB products I like to all of you.

Some of you see the value in the products I recommend and purchase
them the first time you go to the sales page via my affiliate link,
and some go back 3,4,5 and even 6 or more times to the sales page
before you decide to make the purchase.

Either way, because I discovered the product and brought it to you
first, ClickBank still knows that I was the first person to send you
to there site, and still awards me with the commission for the sale
no matter when you go back to the site and make it.

They pay out the commissions I earn every two weeks via check, and
I can even have direct deposits made directly to my bank account
if I like.

When YOU receive some of the checks the size I receive, you’ll get
them sent directly to you via FedEx Overnight.

Here’s a recent screenshot of one of my ClickBank accounts:


ClickBank does one other thing that is imperative to absolutely any
product that I decide to tell you about — they back absolutely every
single product in their Marketplace with an 8 week ‘no questions asked’
Money Back Guarantee.


- They Only Offer Quality Products
- They “Cookie” My Link So They Know I Brought You The Product First
- They Pay Out Sales Commissions Real Quick
- They Offer/Back Every Product W/ The “Best Guarantee In The Industry”

The point I am making is, Affiliate Sales are probably the easiest
way to get a start at bringing in money on the Internet, and selling
ClickBank Products is probably the easiest way I know to get started
making Affiliate Sales.

If you want to sell quality Affiliate Products and get a quick start
bringing in some extra bucks – Check out ClickBank today:





Saturday, December 5th, 2009

“Have you checked out Project Covert Persuasion yet?”

If you have not, try to do so today. It’s an Excellent Product
- and they offer an excellent affiliate program too!

Check this out,

Are you looking for the answer to these two questions:

1. “How can I get my traffic/prospects to TAKE ACTION?”
2. “How can I work once and get paid forever?”

Well, So was I for the longest time.

I’ll tell you right now, if I had had access to ‘the answers’
that are revealed with this at that time, I’d be eons ahead
of where I am now.

Once I discovered the answer’s to those two questions…
my income started to soar. WHOOOSH!

Soooo…why am I telling you this, you ask?

Because, a true method for achieving those two goals at one
time is revealed for you and everyone else right here, I promise:


Take action today and be instantly rewarded.

BUT – Don’t take action and fail, that is kind of how life
is too.

This is a true ‘success system’ that really can bring you
success on the Internet, all you have to do is apply it.

If you are looking for a true A, B, C – 1, 2, 3 system, you
have it right here.

- Garrett

P.S. Expose the answers to those 2 questions yourself. These
methods have been responsible for making many marketers
thousands of dollars, and I want YOU to go and make the same
by grabbing this:




Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Here’s the software for your very OWN membership site…

Something new is up!

Hi folk’s,

I found somehting I’ve been looking for for quite a while, I
know this is something that you’ve been looking for too…

Membership sites are all the rage right now right? I’m sure
you have been trying to figure out ‘How can I get one of those
membership sites of my very own?’ right?

I know I had often wondered where could I possibly go where
I could get a membership site if my own really inexpensively
- or even F-R-E-E?

The Imagining is over: I have brought you today a free software
package to make your own membership site…

Take note: I said F-R-E-E!

Download yours right here:

Fabulous, F-R-E-E software!

Yeah! Here’s the software for your OWN membership site…

Just register to get your free license to make your very OWN
membership site!

And yes, it is absolutely FREE!
What else can you ask for?

Download here:

Just register to get your free license and really start igniting
your internet business – starting today!

Great things await you! That’s certain.

This will aid in your success,

Garrett Dann

PS: Here’s your link to your download–



Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

“Hey Garrett, how do I make money fast? Really really fast??”

Hey gang,

Do you find yourself asking that question? Well don’t be
surprised because you’re not alone!

I remember when I first started out several years ago…I kept
asking myself that question.

I would send out 5 or 6 emails a week to the goo-roo’s asking
them that very same question…

But you know what?

I never got a good response – never.

Then you know what?

I realized I was asking the wrong question!

You see, it doesn’t matter if you can make money FAST if it
doesn’t LAST…(hey that rhymes!)

The 2 key questions to ask are:

1. “How can I get my traffic/prospects to TAKE ACTION?”

2. “How can I work once and get paid forever?”

Once I discovered the answer’s to those two questions… my
income started to sky-rocket. WHOOOSH!

Soooo…why am I telling you this, you ask?

One big reason is that in this email, you will find the answers
to those 2 questions PLUS you don’t have to go through the
YEARS of struggle, trial & error that I went through.

It is all revealed for you right here, I promise:


Take action and get rewarded.

Don’t take action and fail.

Those are really the only two alternatives when it come to
succeeding at Internet Marketing.

This is a true ‘success system’ that really can bring you
success on the Internet, all you have to do is apply it.

- Garrett

P.S. This system really does expose the answers to those 2
questions. These methods have been responsible for making me
thousands of dollars, and I want YOU to go and make the same
by grabbing this:




Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Build A 6-Figure Yearly Online Business From Scratch …

Copy The Exact Steps I Use To Build A 6-Figure Yearly Online
Business From Scratch …

And Stop Wasting Time Trying To Crack The Income Code!


The whole report covers how anyone can start from ground
zero to build a complete 5 to 6 figure business.

However, as always, whether you will succeed or not depends
on one crucial factor.


- Start wit the ACTION of downloading and reading the Ebook


Really, it’s the first step toward you Real Future.

This is no joke, it’s a complete Step-by-step Blueprint of exactly
what you need to do to reach a 6-Figure yearly income.

You really can do it – it’s heavily guaranteed by the fella that
put it together for you!

Take a look today:


- Garrett




Friday, August 28th, 2009

Are you in the List Building Stage?? As I ALWAYS am…

Are you in the List Building Stage??

Well – That’s why I brought you this today.
(Breakthrough software alert!)

Hey , the wait is finally over.

This software has been over a year in the making.


Everyone says there is no Push-Button solution to make
“tons of money online and build a massive email list
in record time”

Well, they are all wrong… (now)

We all know that there is a push button solution, but
we never really think about it:> It’s Email Marketing!

***Announcing For The Very First Time***

***Magic List Bot software (watch the video)***


The Internet millionaires and the gurus are already
using this and hiding it from you.

To build a massive email list:

- You DO NOT need a product
- You DO NOT need a website
- You DO NOT need JV’s
- You DO NOT need upfront investment

Now with Magic List Bot you can build a massive DOUBLE
-OPT-IN email list on complete autopilot – FAST!!

Watch this video now:



If you order today you will get bonuses worth $2191 at

The bonus packages are very limited, claim your bonuses
before they expire forever.

Talk to you soon , don’t miss out on this.

- Garrett

P.S. This brand new never-seen-before cutting edge
technology that will build a massive email lists
completely on autopilot.


This software is one of a kind…





Friday, August 28th, 2009

Garrett Dann’s Clickbank Pirate Review!

If you have a PayPal account, can follow instructions, and
know how to use a mouse, this is for you…
Hey ,

In a hurry? Check out this video and grab your
f.ree copies of these two awesome reports…


They reveal how you can make at least $1,000 a
week without a website or a product of your own.

I know this sounds too good to be true and I
personally wouldn’t believe it unless I had seen
it for myself.

You see, Soren & Cindy are launching something
called “Clickbank Pirate” on Augusts 4th.

But THIS IS NOT another how to make money” on
Clickbank course!

What they have done is build you a complete plug
and play money making system. I’ve gotten a
preview and this thing is very cool!

Get the full scoop here:


Then register for their “VIP advance notice”
list and get a free copy of the two ClickBank
Treasure Map reports.

Hope you enjoy picking up some great info for F.R.E.E!

- Garrett

P.S. Clickbank Pirate is the way to ‘clean ClickBank
out o’ some of thar treasure quick!’ see it here:


explains exactly what you get:


– Get A Pre-Sale Video Membership of your own:


This is a hot ticket – don’t pass it up lightly.




Friday, August 28th, 2009

My Marketing On The Fringe Review


Bill McRea is at it again.


That link up there is THE solution to your traffic problems.

And let’s face it.

Traffic is the only thing standing between you…and the
financial future of your dreams.

Bill has cracked the code to traffic so big and so easy
to get…it’s scary.


I’ve seen this program. And I don’t just think it’s good.

I think it’s VITAL.

Those who have this program and put it into practice
will win the traffic game. Period.

As thousand of new marketers come online daily to
compete with you…having this sort of unfair advantage
could easily change the course of your career online.


I’ve probably bought hundreds of courses about traffic.

And I can say with a completely straight face that this
is the most comprehensive traffic training you’ll find

His price is a pathetic joke when you consider all the
sales you’ll generate from those strategies in just days.

In fact, these are the exact strategies Bill used to create
a guitar website that sold for $2.3 million dollars!

The videos are so complete and so easy to follow that
I really believe ANYONE can do it.

At the same time…the strategies behind those tactics
are so cutting edge they will leave the competition in

THIS is a game changer.


Don’t let it’s availability go by without taking a look.

I’m serious, this is one that you definitely want to check out ASAP!




Friday, June 12th, 2009

ClickBanks newest addition!

I must warn you – this stuff is going to upset a lot of people.

It’s going to make others downright angry…

But the only thing I’m sure of is that when MJ reveals this
stuff, it’s going to change the Clickbank world FOREVER.


And get ready for some changes…



Friday, June 5th, 2009

Have you grabbed a copy of Membership Site Masterplan yet?

I just picked up a great ‘no-cost’ 70 page ebook by Yaro Starak
called “Membership Site Masterplan”.

Have you seen it?

If you’d like to have a copy, I’ve arranged for you to pick up a
copy of your very own {{firstname]] by just clicking here:


I hope you enjoy it like I have, it is just packed with all sorts of
Membership Site ‘need to knows’ and information.

Go grab a copy for yourself right now before you forget, you’ll be
every happy you did.

I’m planning out some membership sites right now and I have
definitely found some things in this ebook that will give me an
edge and almost guarantee me success when I’m ready to launch.


Send me some feedback after reading this ebook, I am interested in
what the rest of you thought of it.

- Garrett



Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

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