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[[firstname]], a Warm season’s greetings to you and all of
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Til’ next time,
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Till next time,

Your Internet Marketing Mentor and friend,

- Garrett Dann


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** Check out the last Issue of Garrett Tips (and G.ifts) here:




Monday, December 14th, 2009

Alex Jeffrey’s just released his Brand New affiliate marketing course…

Have you heard…

As you know, I have been involved with Alex Jeffrey’s Mentor Program
for a little over a year now, and have been very impressed with his
‘easy style’ of training and his video’s.

We”, Alex has a new endeavor that he’s asked us to let our readers
know about…

Here’s the story …

My buddy Alex Jeffrey’s just released his Brand New affiliate marketing
course and I think he’s bonkers for giving it all away for FREE.




…we’ll this bad boy shows exactly how Alex made his very first
$10,000 day online, PLUS …

This affiliate course includes everything you need to copy it for

So, go grab this while you still can …



Always Trying To Add To YOUR Online Success!

- Garrett

PS – also in the course Alex explains the steps how he’s made over
$770,304.62 in 365 days using this Triple Threat Affiliate system that
you can grab right now today for free …



Really!! Why Wouldn’t Ya??



Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Here’s the software for your very OWN membership site…

Something new is up!

Hi folk’s,

I found somehting I’ve been looking for for quite a while, I
know this is something that you’ve been looking for too…

Membership sites are all the rage right now right? I’m sure
you have been trying to figure out ‘How can I get one of those
membership sites of my very own?’ right?

I know I had often wondered where could I possibly go where
I could get a membership site if my own really inexpensively
- or even F-R-E-E?

The Imagining is over: I have brought you today a free software
package to make your own membership site…

Take note: I said F-R-E-E!

Download yours right here:

Fabulous, F-R-E-E software!

Yeah! Here’s the software for your OWN membership site…

Just register to get your free license to make your very OWN
membership site!

And yes, it is absolutely FREE!
What else can you ask for?

Download here:

Just register to get your free license and really start igniting
your internet business – starting today!

Great things await you! That’s certain.

This will aid in your success,

Garrett Dann

PS: Here’s your link to your download–



Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

VisitorSpy – brand new cutting edge technology!

Hey Gang,

Have you seen VisitorSpy yet??

I have to say that I think this has to be one of the coolest
sites I’ve seen in 2009.

What really got me interested was the fact that not only is it
F.ree, but the fact that it was put together by a real Marketing
Class Act and genius – Matt Callen!

I like to keep you in the loop and keep you up to date with any
of my new findings that I consider ‘outstanding’.

Well, I have one for you here today, let me know what YOU think
about this new technology!


It does have a paid version, I’ll tell you that right up front
-but- the f.r.e.e version already provides more information than
you will really need.

If you find that you want more information on more of your
websites, than you might decide that you want to upgrade like I

BUT, the f.r.e.e Version is already awesome.

Take advantage today while it’s still f.r.e.e!


Impressive, very impressive indeed,

– Garrett



Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Have you been getting a “Microsoft Outlook Critical Update” notices in your inbox?

Have you been receiving more ‘phishing’ attempts in your email?

You might not even know it?

Lately I have been receiving one that say it is a “Critical Update”
and it looks like it comes from Microsoft.

The Subject Line says “Microsoft Outlook Critical Update”

It identifies itself as:
“Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721)”

It says:

Brief Description
Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook
Express. This update is critical and provides you with the latest
version of the Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express and offers the
highest level of security and stability.

And then it is followed by “Instructions” to go to a supposed
Microsoft site to do a download that will ‘fix your Outlook right

Well ** DO NOT CLICK THAT DOWNLOAD LINK ** – It’s Virus Laden!
- don’t pay any attention to it and just erase it immediately.

You can find out more about this one here:


Many times when you receive an email you think might be a phishing
email or scam, you can just take the message and enter the subject
line into Google’s Search box and if it is a scam – it will usually
already be identified there.

This can definitely save you some headaches.

Just search the Subject line wording at Google, Snopes,
and and you’ll almost always have your answer
as to whether or not you can trust that email.

I hope bringing you this information saves some computer problems
and infiltrations from happening to some of you.

No one wants that nightmare, believe me – been there, done that :o )



Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

YouTube Video’s are downloadable again!

I do have something BRAND NEW for all of you today!

Check out this video I just put on my new ItsEasyToMakeMoney
YouTube video page here, you are going to love this:

***  *** ***

Isn’t that great news!!

On a side note:

Boy that Serena Williams is definitely a woman you don’t want to
piss off aye? You see those ‘guns’ she has, I think she could
take your head off right at the shoulder’s – watch out! :o )

I will also be adding more video’s to that YouTube page and I will
also be putting a lot of my past video’s and future video’s on that
page and on my Marketing Tactics YouTube page that I just built

Ok, hope you enjoyed!

- Garrett




Monday, September 14th, 2009

What an idiot I can be!!

Nice way to start off an email huh?

Well, thanks to an excellent reader/list member of
mine by the name of ‘Derek’ I just found out late last
night that I have been ‘moving a little too fast again’.

Derek brought it to my attention that my links that I
have been including in my last couple of emails for my
up-coming JV Giveaway – The “Good Karma JV Giveaway”
were not working??

So I looked into it and sure enough, when I wrote the
link up in the first email I sent it out in (3 emails
ago), I capitalized the ‘I’ in the Index2.htm portion
of the link.

DOH!! (what a Homer Simpson move huh!)

The bigger Homer Simpson move however, was the one where
I skipped the step of checking all my links to make sure
they were all working.

I expect some won’t work over the next couple of days
because I’m changing out one script and putting another
one in – so there will be some ‘non functionality’
during these periods

Here’s the correct link for my Intro Page to my new
GoodKarmaJVGiveaway event should have been:


(see – little ‘i’ not big ‘I’)

Now, incase that one does not work because the scripts
are being changed out – I set up another one on my website at:


I had two more emails in my inbox this morning about it
so I wanted to get this out right away before I looked
like a complete idiot that doesn’t check his links to
too many more people. :o )

I was actually disappointed though, I think I really
should have heard about it a little sooner from more
of you…

Heeeeeeeeey – aren’t you reading my emails, and clicking
my links?? What kind of reader/friend are the lot of

Just kiddin’!

Hey, that’s life, you’ve just got to learn to laugh
things like that off, and not let them ruin your day.

As my Dad always says, “This too shall pass”. Me, I’ve
always loved ‘sh*t happens!’ — :o )

Talk to you later

- Garrett

P.S. – If you haven’t heard about my up-coming JV
Giveaway yet, you can see an introductory page I put
together for all of my list members right here:


Please check it out today!


On another note, similar and related, I was wondering if
any of my reader’s are real wizard with Blog Design??

Here’s the deal – I NEED SOME HELP!!

I need someone to help me with the set up of a blog for my
new JV Giveaway. I can install the Blog and setup all the
functions I need it to have -but- what I need help with
is installing a matching ‘look’ for the Blog so that it
will match the look of the GoodKarmaJVGiveaway site itself.

All yellow, nice header and footer and such. I’m no good
with that. I could learn it if I had time but – I don’t.

Is there a reader of mine out there that could help me
with this little project?

If so, ‘PLEASE’ contact me ASAP at:




or Post A Ticket at my Help Desk here:


or here:


I really wanted to have a Blog for this one, I just need
help giving it the right ‘look’.

It’s already installed, just needs ‘the Good Karma look’.


I’m also still looking for more JV Partner’s that want to
be on the ‘Early Bird’ notification list!

I will be giving some special ‘bennies’ to the group that
is part of my early notification list -and- they will have
a 4 hour jump on the rest of you for being able to get the
word out to their lists

Just send me an email here for now:


I’ll put you on the list as part of my ‘In Group’ so you
can get a 4 hour jump on everyone else.

OK, in the words of porky Pig “th-th-that’s all for now
folks’, I’ll be back with more info in a day or two.

- Garrett




Friday, August 28th, 2009

Have you heard about my Good Karma JV Giveaway??

Thank you for all the email about my computer probs, it’s
amazing how many of you have dealt with the same types of

You all given me another idea for a future project that
I’m going to need to attack in the near future :o )

I know, I know, I still haven’t gotten all my software and
programs installed back into my main office PC so I haven’t
gotten the video I made a the Brewfest up on my Blog yet.

Bad me – I will try to make sure I get that done by the
end of the weekend.

I will more than likely be working thru the weekend because,
even though I got the script installed on my website to run
my “GoodKarmaJvGiveaway“, as expected, I am having some
small script ‘glitches’ – AUGH!

There’s a lot more to it then you think.

Installing the software was by far the ‘easy part’ on
this gig.

I’m just now sending emails out to potential Guru friends
I have, the bulk of which will go out today, to see if I
can talk them into participating. Then I have to head to
all the JV announce sites that I am a member of and put
the word out there.

I had to re-visit all the JV Giveaways that I am a member
of now and make a list of all the pages I want included
in my sites member’s area’s – keeping in mind that they are
(2) separate list – one for JV Partner’s/Member’s and one
for Contributor’s. The Contributor’s have considerably
more links on their member’s area page.

After making a list of the different pages you need, you
have to design and write up the ‘copy’(words) you want to
put on each individual page.

I had to design the ‘look’ of the site myself, if you haven’t
seen what I came up with yet, you can take a look right here:


With JV Giveaways being all the rage right now, I am really
hoping that my idea of combining peoples Charities with my
Generous Reward Plan, will help pull in even the biggest of
BIG LISTS to participate.

I am now working on my Affiliate Materials for all of you,
that’s something else that must be done before you open
the doors on anything like this. You Have To Have Your
‘Ammo’ For Your Affiliates and JV Partners to use to entice
others to join in. You need Promotional Emails that go from
Pre-launch all the way to launch and beyond, you need your
Signature Ads, PPC Ads, Classified Ads, Promotional Banners
of every size and more.

So yes, I will probably be working all weekend…

I have been pretty quiet the last month or so, but now I
think you are all getting the idea as to why.

If you want things like this to come off correctly, you have
to put a lot of work into covering all the bases for everyone
that is going to be involved.

I wrote an email to reed Floren last night. I have had contact
with Reed several times over the years and I’m hoping that I
can get him on board on this one. Reed is The JV KING, if we
can get him on board, now that would make my year.

Todd Gross is another friend of mine, he’s been really busy
with his own giveaway the last couple weeks but, I’m hoping I
can get him on board with us on this one too.

Todd Gross, along with Reed Floren and Bob Tompkins, had
developed a targeted:


Leave it to Todd to be leading the pack with an awesome
Giveaway idea, one completely Twitter oriented, he’s one
smart cookie he is. See how he pulled Reed and Tom in?

He’s a pretty smart fella he is.

The Twitter Giveaway is now over, and Todd’s just sitting up
in the snow…

Yeah, that’s correct, the Weather Man just got some late
summer snow up at his place in the mountains so, maybe I
can get him to thaw out a bit and jump in on MY JV Giveaway
with me.

Wish me luck, I’ll be writing him later today.

If I can talk either Reed or Todd into giving me a hand on
this one – it will definitely be HUGE!

Like I said, Wish me luck…and help me if you can … I’m
still hoping for more letters of confirmation from some of
you with ‘lists’ telling me that you want in on this one.

As I’d said, I am going to be setting up a Blog for this
event also, but for now you can Contact Me here:


or Post A Ticket at my Help Desk here:




Friday, August 28th, 2009

Where the heck have I been??

Sorry, sorry, sorry – I can’t believe how busy I have been on my projects.

No excuses though, I really should be able to make it here once a week
from now on.  I’ve just got to make a point of it.

I’ve really been bad about this from the start.  I know how to manage my
time, I just haven’t been doing it correctly.  I have been stuck in that rut
of having waaaay to many things to try an accomplish each day, and never
enough time to accomplish them.

I’ve got to start doing more Outsourcing, but I afraid to let go of the reigns,
I like running my own show and doing almost everything myself, but I know
the time has come for me to step up to the next rung on the ladder and
start handing some of my work to others.

It’s just a very hard step to take, trust is a very hard issue on this one but, I
know I have to make the move.

Wish me luck!

Now, where have I been??

I have been working on 3 new projects.  The first and foremost is my new
JV Giveaway, ‘The Good Karma JV Giveaway’!

I have prepared a Introductory page that tells people what it is going to be
all about and when it’s going to take place.  You can find that page right here:


Please stop by and check it out today!

There will be several posts made today so, stay tuned for the goodies!

- Garrett




Friday, August 28th, 2009

What’s up, where’s Garrett been??

Hey everybody – I am back :o ).

Where have I been?

Well, it is a very long story so I will not bore you with the details,
the short of it is – my computer went kablooey!

I was deleting my emails one morning about 2 weeks ago and all
of a sudden they stopped being delete-able.  They just blinked
at me when I hit the delete button – all of the delete buttons :o (

I couldn’t even move them to the deleted folder.

I been having some little glitches here and there for some time now
and have been putting off the inevitable for as long as I could.

You know – the dreaded – full system reformat and CLEAN BOOT.

Everyone should really do this with their systems about once a year,
but we never do because we know the hassle we’re gonig to be in for.

The resetting up of our desktop, the reloading of all the stray drivers
we have to load, loading up all the various programs you’ve installed
since the computer was new etc etc etc.

The inevitability of getting to the loading of program #26, only to have
it go ‘aannk’ and have a conflict with one of the programs that was loaded
prior to it – and who knows which one right??  OUCH.

So – we ALL know why we put that one off don’t we :o )

Well, that’s the nightmare I just lived for the last 2 weeks, man am I glad
that 90% of that fiasco is over.  I’m down to just getting all my video
programs installed, adjusted and back in, camera’s hooked up and I’ll
be good to go.

It’s not going to happen tomorrow though, I’ll tell you why…

This is where I’m going to be tomorrow:

I’ll be at the 20th Annual Sierra Brewfest… oh yea – now that’s
gonna be a hoot!

My brother and I and several different friends over the years have
really enjoyed this one, it’s a regular event enjoyed every year by the
lot of us.

It’s $25 bucks for a ‘memorial glass’ and there will be 25 Micro-breweries
to just walk up to an ask for a glass of beer.  Every one of the breweries
always has 2, 3 (or a half dozen) beers for you to sample – you tell them
what you want, and how much of it you want (1/2 glass, 2/3′rds or a big
‘old old full one) and they’ll draft you up a cold one.

Drink it, pop back in line and grab another if you want!!

We’ve got a safe ride there and a safe ride home from my sister-in-law
so we boys can just drink and eat, eat and drink- till we’re just about
ready to explode.

Heh, heh, just joking… (not) :o )

I’ll take some video while I’m there and I’ll get it up on the Blog next

Saturday morning I’ll be putting in some time on my ‘project’ (shhh -
it’s a secret…) and then we’re off for Brewfest.  Another neet thing is
that almost all the breweries bring some sort of ‘SWAG’.

Oh yeah, lots of little goodies for all the drunk people, fishing lures,
beer cap magnets, bottle openers of all types, beer coaster, t-shirts
and more.  Food eating contest, up-side down beer drinking contests,
and music all day – it is just awesome.

We have been looking forward to tomorrow for more than a month, we
men are still country boys w/ red necks one day a year.  I guess there’s
probably a little of that in all of us though isn’t there.

We’re all just a bunch of Perry Belcher’s in one way or another – at least
me, my bro and several of my friends are any way!

Life’s a great trip so far :o )

So anyway, I’ll be back at work on Sunday this week too – man I don’t
like that
, but I have a very important project I am working on for all of
you right now, and with the loss of more than a week on the computer
thing I’ll be working on the weekends and burning some midnight oil
for the next week or two.

So I’m over the ‘hump’ with the computer prob, got a great day lined
up for tomorrow – and then it’s back to the project hard until it’s done.

Also, look for my announcement for my up coming JV Giveaway later
next week, and I’ll get some more goodies out to you guy’s and gal’s
over the weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend – get out and enjoy atleast a little of
it, everyone deserves a little reward on the weekends.

It makes working hard all week a little easier, until your Online business
is at the point of just ‘flying along’.  Once you get here, it almost seems
that ‘life can’t get no better’.

Later dudes and dudett’s -

- Garrett




Friday, July 24th, 2009

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