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Did you grab these gifts yet?

Did you grab these gifts from me yet?

#1)  The ‘Internet Marketing Elite Club’ 12 Step eCourse!

– The 10 Key Points Of The Internet Marketing Master Plan
– How Money Is Really Made Online, And Why Most People Don’t
Have A Clue…
– How To Create A Best-Selling Product – In 14 Days Or Less!

…and many more.


#2)  Tristan Bull’s FREE 600K eBook

He sells this report as we speak! But I have been able to
twist his arm to get you a copy for zilch.

Be sure to grab your copy now as this offer will not last
very long. A limited number of copies have been set aside
for my loyal subscribers, as he still wants to sell it!

You will see proof that he sells it here:


#3)  Jeff Bode’s Simple Affiliate Formula report.

In this report Jeff will show you the exact site that got 2
top rankings in Google and $618.58 take home cash from just
3 hours of work!

Just 3 Hours!

This takes you directly to a download page full of goodies.
Click on the VIP link below:


PS – Look for a webinar announcement from Jeff and I over the
next couple weeks.

#4)  DVD Flick!

Have you ever wanted to take some video’s that you have, or
maybe some home movies that you’ve made, and put them on a
DVD that you could then watch on a DVD Player?

I found an excellent solution for both of us.

Here’s a web address where you can pick up a copy of a nifty
f.r.e.e. software that will make ‘TV-playable’ DVD’s in just
seconds. It’s totally f.r.e.e. too!


#5)  GIMP!

I know, it is a rather peculiar name -but- it does absolutely
everything I do with PhotoShop -and- there are even some excellent
video’s on YouTube that show how to do some things I never even
learned how to do with PhotoShop.

It’s a lot simpler to learn how to use too.

Here’s a link for the website right here:


#6)  Here’s a really neat Open Source image manipulation program
called IrfanView – I know, another weird name, what can I say.

With this one you can actually even edit animated images, play
movies and sounds and a whole lot more.

There are even f.r.e.e. Plug-ins and Add-on’s available, don’t
you just love ‘open source goodies’!

Take a look today – this is one you are going to want too:


#7)  Grab these FREE videos before they expire.

They are EXCELLENT!!

Here’s your private access download link:


How’s that folk’s, 7 great ‘Goodies’ just for you – from me!





Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

While Todd’s out playing in the snow, Howie’s still sitting in that cold little wading pool…

Did you know that Google loves to rank Web 2 properties
on page ‘one’ many times overnight…


My friend Howie just put out a NEW PDF revealing SIX new
Web 2.0 sites that Google loves to rank, and – he happens
to be giving it away.

Totally honest, I didn’t know about a single one of these.

The cool part is they are not well known by the masses
at all and you can use them to rank almost instantly


Even cooler, you can keep your wallet in your pants
because, like I said, he’s giving it all away F.R.E.E.

Warning though, he said he’s taking the PDF down in the
next day so you need to hurry…


Make sure you download your today!

- Garrett

PS – New High Ranking Web 2.0 properties! It doesn’t get
much better then this . . .


There you go!




Friday, August 28th, 2009

“How To Overcome Info Overload” – find out right here!


Seriously, there’s nothing to buy on this one.

I’m not even going to send you to a web page!

Click And Get:
“How To Overcome Info Overload”

==> Get Your Free Money Siphon PDF – Click Here!

I wanted to give you something cool before the weekend

This is the direct link to a PDF I just finished that’ll give you
a clear path through all the crap you have to deal with on a
daily basis.

Since everybody has been asking me how I am able to get
stuff done in spite the distractions…

…figured maybe you’d like to see for yourself.

I’ve also included in here:

- How to Video
- Squeeze Page Template
- MASSIVE Resource guide

So I’d say you’re pretty set.

Click. Get. Now. (Nothing To Buy)
==> Get Your Free Money Siphon PDF – Click Here!

Have a great weekend!

- Garrett

PS – Learn the exact same secrets that allows me to Cash
HUGE checks almost every week and live the life I want while
everyone else has to keep struggling to make money:

==> Grab your very own Google Assassin Right Here!

If you can skip McDonald’s this week – you can afford this today.



Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Grab a copy of List Building With Alex Right Here!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, time is money.

One of the keys to success online is being able to build a
responsive list.

My friend Alex Jeffreys has taught me a lot about list building
and here’s your chance to learn his list building secrets for

By the way, this link will take you straight to the download
(no opt-in required):


Please note that the free report is at the bottom of the page
(under Step #2).

Also, while you’re there, I recommend you take a look at
the Formal List Building With Alex ecourse and videos.

These videos taught me how to really monetize my list
building process and I am confident that they will help you
as well. :o )


I hope you enjoy the free PDF!

It really is excellent, can’t believe he’s giving it away for free!



Friday, June 5th, 2009

Did you add these 2 free eBook Gifts to your eLibrary!

Hey folk’s,

I brought you all a couple Marketing Ebooks I think you’ll like.
They were given to me by a good friend of mine and I wanted
To Pay It Forward by passing them on to all of you.
Here you go:

#1 – Online Freelancing Success:
==> OnlineFreelancingSuccess

#2 – Successful Affiliate Strategies:
==> SuccessfulAffiliateStrategies 

I hope you Enjoy! :o )



Friday, June 5th, 2009

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