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Measure the online-commercial-intention, see if it’s worth advertsing.

**Here’s a Great Tip

I would like to give you a ‘small tip’ that may help you save
money and better manage your investment for your pay per
click campaigns with AdWords, Yahoo, MSN, etc…

Microsoft has a free tool that can help you better determine
the commercial intention of a given keyword, set of keywords,
or Keyword phrase -and- it can help you decide which of
your keywords may be just wasting your advertising dollars
and which one will payoff -BEFORE- you invest any money
in them.

This tool is ‘G-worthy!’ – That mean ‘Garrett-worthy’ or
highly approved of by me. :o )

The tool is located at the Microsoft adCenter Labs website.

To use it, just enter your keyword and push the button.

They recommend anything over ‘.5′, as representing a ‘good
commercial intent keyword to use for your PPC campaigns’.

You can use the tool by going here:

I hope this tool helps you as it has helped me…
…to save money :-)

Have a great day and take care.

- Garrett



Friday, June 12th, 2009

**This is an excellent Tip – PAY ATTENTION 4 YOU**

Want to put your Online Business on the map (literally)??

What I mean is “would you like to learn a trick that will
help you get your Local Business listed quickly in Google?

I have found a very helpful video that shows you exactly
what to do and how to do it to get your Online (or off-line)
business listed quickly in Google.

You can check it out by going here:

It’s a quick watch – a whole 4 minutes and 45 seconds,
that is well worth your time.

Knowledge of ‘methods’ and ‘systems’ are what will set you
apart from the pack if you want to make money online.

Learn this one, and stow it away in your bag of marketing
tricks. It will be a veritable ‘ace up your sleeve’ that most
your friends and competitors won’t be aware of.

I love stuff like this – I got a million of them….

- Stick with me and soon you will also :o )




Friday, June 12th, 2009

This Weeks Marketing Tip – Be thrifty when you can be!

By Garrett Dann

These are the kinds of days where every penny counts. Why
spend money on software if you don’t have to? I am a fan of
finding and using good quality software tools that I don’t have
to pay for.

I have quite a list of them.

So I thought I’d briefly let you know about what I consider to
be some of the more important ones to me – and I think they
will be to you also.

Mind you, I’m not making any money out any of these links.

OK first off – is an excellent office tools
package everyone should have a copy of. In many cases it is
even better than Microsoft Office. For one, the PDF file
format is directly supported without any plugins or printer

It also uses an intuitive menu system, a bit like MS Office
used to have before they introduced their “ribbon bar” that
takes up a lot of the valuable screen.

It will also import and export MS Office documents, so
you’ll still be use other people’s WORD files.


For web browsing, I prefer Firefox for its speed, flexibility,
and excellent security features:


With respect to PDF files, if I’m not using,
I produce them using either Cute PDF or PrimoPDF. Both
of these “look” like printers to any Windows program that
can use printers but instead of actually printing a document
they save it to a file in the new PDF format. They’re both
very easy to use and can be picked up right here:


For web page editing I use KompoZer available from their
site at It is a bug-fixed edition of NVU (N-view).

It is a WYSIWYG website editor and it’s unbelievably
sophisticated for a f.ree piece of software. I like it! You’ll
love it – get it here:


For graphics editing I use PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro
but I recently cam across a program called GIMP. I think
Gimp can do just about anything I normally do with my
programs (which are fairly expensive) and it’s completely
fre.e. It’s not the easiest of tools to get used to (easier than
Photoshop and PaintShop were) but, once you know it,
it’s very powerful – grab it for yourself right here:


When I produce videos that demonstrate my products,
I found Windows Media Encoder here:

How did I find out about all of these tools??

It’s simple.

Besides doing the obvious searches, I usually check for
“open source xxx,” where xxx is the type of product
(i.e. DVD player or WYSIWYG Editor etc…).

If the tool exists, most of the time, this will find it for you;
and you can usually find one of fairly very high quality.

The reason for that is that there are plenty of software
engineers out there who give their time regularly to improve
packages for their own purposes. After this they donate
their source code for the item to the community.

If the source code is available, others can try to improve
the programs. That’s how many of the above programs
came to exist in the first place!

…and more come along every day.

Hope you enjoy playing with and getting to know the
capabilities of all your new software, please remember who
was thinking of you and brought it to you today.

Take care for now, talk to you soon,

Garrett :o )

PS – You Can Find More Neet G-Tips On My Blog:



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

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