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Zero Dollar Marketing Step-By-Step Video Series

Hey Gang,

Did you get a chance to grab this FREE step-by-step video
series that shows you exactly how to make money online
without investing a single penny?

In it you’ll discover:

* A proven and simple, step-by-step system for making money
online as early as today.

* How you can quickly and easily make money incredibly fast
without spending a dime.

* One incredibly simple method for setting up a FREE money
making website in minutes.

* How to duplicate this method in minutes to maximize your


This system can work for you even if you have absolutely no
experience and no money!

Get over one hour of informative and easy to understand
instructions on making money online without any outlay.


Enjoy your gift! See you soon.

Hope this adds to Your Success!

- Gritsky




Friday, August 28th, 2009

XenuLinkSleuth – Superior Link Sleuthing!

Find Xenu at:

Xenu’s Link Sleuth (TM) checks Web sites for broken links.

Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins,
backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets.

It displays a continuously updated list of URLs which you can sort by
different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.

Additional features:

* Simple, no-frills user-interface
* Can re-check broken links (useful for temporary network errors)
* Simple report format, can also be e-mailed
* Executable file smaller than 1MB
* Supports SSL websites (“https:// “)
* Partial testing of ftp and gopher sites
* Detects and reports redirected URLs
* Site Map

Hope this helps improve your marketing efforts.

This Has Been Another Extreme Marketing Tactic from Garrett Dann.



Monday, June 29th, 2009

John Reese is at it again! (New Must-see Video)!

Internet Marketing ‘SuperGuru’ John Reese has just released
a great free video that will teach you how to maximize affiliate
commissions on auto-pilot.

In this video you’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up
an “Affiliate Commission Engine.”

You can set up as many of these little ‘engines’ as you want
in any market you want and they’ll work for you 24/7 – -
- – making affiliate income for you while you’re busy working
on other things.

Go right now and watch this video and start making more
affiliate marketing commissions right away:


You do not want to miss this one.



Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Do you like fun video’s?

Let’s take a little break off the beaten path of Internet

You really need to once in a while.

Do you enjoy entertaining video’s?

Because I have been sent some good one’s from a
couple of your fellow list members recently, so enjoy!

- This guys one of the best I’ve ever seen:

- You can’t even call what this guy does juggling…

Do you like cutting edge Magic?  Explain this one:

This video will surely put a smile on your face and I
thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share it with
you. So without further delay…enjoy video!

You are not going to believe this – ‘Art in the eye of a needle’. 


Heh, heh, heh…

Those were excellent weren’t they :o )

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did when I finally
had some time to watch them.

Do you believe that ‘Art in the eye of a needle’?  That guy is
a total freak isn’t he – sooooo talented, what a treat huh.

- Garrett

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

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