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List Laundering is now LIVE!

Hey folk’s,

Tell me if I’m wrong but, hasn’t the time come for you to start making
‘major bank’ on the Internet yet??

Well, if you’re not yet, then you might be about to get your start at
it – and here’s why…

List Laundering is LIVE!


No one seems to understand how INCREDIBLY simple it is to make money
by building a large list of subscribers in RECORD time…

Inside reveals secret techniques of building a list of subscribers
that you can promote offers to anytime you want…

Just like me, you’ve heard the big goo-roo’s talk about how they can
just send their lists an email, and in just a few hours make hundreds,
even thousands of dollars – just because of the shear number of people
contained within their lists.

This little gem here is exactly what you are looking for if you want
to be able to do exactly the same thing just a short time from now.

And guess what… it’s UNDER FIVE FREAKIN’ DOLLARS!

For the price of a foot long ‘sub’ (even less), you can learn to build
An Giant list of over 10,000+ in less than 2 months!!

Which ‘sub’ would YOU rather have?


You’ll be walking up to me at a future seminar somewhere, patting me
on the back and thank me for this offer I’m bringing you right here!

I’m a ‘list building professional’, and have been aver since writing my
Real Money Surfing ebook many years ago, and I’m telling YOU this is
exactly what the doctor ordered for YOUR hurting list.

Pick up a copy for yourself RIGHT NOW by going here:


Please, let me know what you think after you’ve given it a good go
over here:


Thank you,


P.S. [[firstname]] – A quick word of advice – if you were thinking of
just skipping out on this one… DON’T!!!




Saturday, December 5th, 2009

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