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YouTube Video’s are downloadable again!

I do have something BRAND NEW for all of you today!

Check out this video I just put on my new ItsEasyToMakeMoney
YouTube video page here, you are going to love this:

***  *** ***

Isn’t that great news!!

On a side note:

Boy that Serena Williams is definitely a woman you don’t want to
piss off aye? You see those ‘guns’ she has, I think she could
take your head off right at the shoulder’s – watch out! :o )

I will also be adding more video’s to that YouTube page and I will
also be putting a lot of my past video’s and future video’s on that
page and on my Marketing Tactics YouTube page that I just built

Ok, hope you enjoyed!

- Garrett




Monday, September 14th, 2009

YouTube Cash Secrets — Make $1200 for 1 Hour of Work on YouTube.

You Can Make $1200 for 1 Hour of Work On YouTube!

You really can, people do it everyday, and what I’ve brought
you here today will dhow you exactly how to do it yourself.

==> Grab YouTube Cash Secrets Today! 

YouTube cash Secrets is a phenomenon.

Take a look today before the opportunity is gone.

==> Grab YouTube Cash Secrets Today! 

- G



Friday, June 5th, 2009

Easy Steps To Becoming A Marketing Expert!

Hey, check this out. 

You want to become An Internet Marketing Expert, right?

More than likely your answer is yes or you wouldn’t be reading
this right now.

Internet marketing can be very difficult to master without the
proper guidance from trustable mentors.

What if you could follow in the footsteps of several internet
marketing experts that are Tops in their feild?

Do you think you would be miles ahead of everyone else
starting from scratch.

Of course you would be.

With the proper training, your business and your success will
grow exponentially and your learning curve will be reduced.

The toughest part of any marketing career is getting started
- the right way…

So if I told you there is a proven system taught by marketing
experts that will walk you step by step throughout the process
using video as well as written instruction …..Would that
interest you?

If your answer is yes then take a few moments to watch this
video by a recognized Top Marketing Expert.


I really felt I needed to bring to your attention to this site, it’s
a must for any level of marketer…. and it’s totally f.r.e.e.

You can become your own internet marketing expert….

Watch this video now and grab a fr’ee membership.


Hope this aids you in your quest for success!

Til next time….



Friday, June 5th, 2009

Grab a free ‘Easy Video Producer’ membership today!


Check this out, I joined a new membership site earlier this week
for free, and love what I’ve found in the members area do far and
I thought you guys might like this company also.

The name of the site is ‘Easy Video Producer’.

Here, click here and check this out: (the video will start automatically)

The video can be played in full screen if you set it that way,
and there are all sorts of player skins available if you want
to mess with things like that.

I just go for the straight player look but you really can just
customize the living dickens out of it if you like – and all
totally for free.

Take a look today and see if ‘Easy Video Producer’ is a tool
that you could get some use out of.

For my Blog Post here, instead of collecting your email and
name, I’ll just send you directly to the webpage about Easy
Video Producer and lete them tell you about their product
in their own words:

Give me some feedback and let me know what you think, I
thrive on it!

- Garrett

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Free Marketing Skins from Lucas Kern!

Hey gang,

Did you pick up that goodie I brought you from my friend
Lucius Kern the other day when I told you about it??

Come on, he’s the Video Go-to guy for Mike Filsaime and
he’s got something you need to check out.

Lucius recently found out a major secret to online marketing.

Go take a look:


Lucius designed some pre-coded, high impact, fully functional
HTML template video skins for all of us.

Learn more about how his Free video skins can help your
online business today click here:


He says the site may only be up for a limited time cause it’s
taking up bandwidth – allowing all these free video skin
downloads such so, make sure to go there today.

- Garrett

See – I’m always looking out for my readers :o )



Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Create high impact videos of your own with “Push Button Effects”!

Hey, check this out…

Have you seen those pre-launch videos of big launches
such as Stompernet and PPC classroom?

Did you notice how much HYPE and BUZZ they created?

Instantly ONE video was able to generate millions of dollars,
that is the POWER of video.

How would you like to create high impact videos of your
own in a matter of minutes?

Now you can…

Check this out:


Videos are the most popular communication medium and
result in an instant EXPLOSION in sales and traffic if
made right.

The problem is, making professional video is extremely
time consuming and not every one can make a professional

JUST LAUNCHED: “Push Button Effects” package has finally
launched, now you can make any video you like in minutes!

1) You do not need a good voice
2) You do not need to show your face
3) You do not have to have expensive video recording

All you will need is a computer and a few minutes of your
time to create “high impact”, “eye catching” videos that will
convert your website into an explosive sales machine and
give you instant recognition

We will provide you with:

1) High Impact royalty free video animation
2) Royalty free background audio tunes
3) Training to create videos that will sell any product
4) Free software you can use to instantly convert any
product into a best seller!

Get all this at 50% OFF special launch discount:


This is a must have!

Talk To You Soon,

P.S. This package generally costs at least $197 or more,
now you can get it at a giveaway price of $27 only!

Grab your package now before it is gone.


I’m told these won’t be available much longer…



Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Easy Video Producer – live video right from your home or office!

Easy Video Producer has broken a barrier for the
average Internet Marketer. Now you can simply hit record
and leave a video message for a friend or even your
entire list.


All those important facial expressions and tones are
conveyed immediately to the visitor, this will definitely
increase sign ups to your list.

Every person that realizes the time is now to overcome
being video challenged can get exactly what they need
- for!

If you depends on customer relations to earn an income,
you should be using this medium to share and brand
yourselves as the person your list will want to build a
relationship and/or do business with.

Imagine showcasing your products with a live video right
from you home office.

All you need is any sort of web cam or video camera
you can connect to your computer – and you’ll have
everything you need to put excellent LIVE Video on your
site or in your email just minutes from now!

Check it out what you get with a totally membership
with Easy Video Producer. Yes there are some upsell
OTO’s you have to skip by if you are not interested -but-
the product will produce incredible quality video’s
for you right now.

They even give you pages and players for too!

Check it out right here:


Another awesome tool you can have access to totally
for free!

Click the ‘Learn More’ button at the bottom of the page
after or even before listening to the video on that page –
The viral aspect of the membership is nice but Joel is
missing the H-O-T button, for me anyway – The Software
Itself that you get to use – that’s what I love about it!

Easy Video Producer makes it simple for absolutely
anyone to make a killer video to put on there website, or
even build a Squeeze page with tracking link with the
templates included in the software.




Friday, April 24th, 2009

Have you checked out Todd Gross’ new ‘Easy Offline Cash’

Have you checked out Todd Gross’ new ‘Easy Offline Cash’


I’ve known Todd for a couple years now, and I’m sure if
you’ve been out here involved in the Internet Marketing
world for any time at all – you’ve heard Todd’s name.

He has become fairly well know in a very short period of
time as a fella that is always on the cutting edge of what’s
new and hot in the Internet Marketing world and bringing
it to his people lightning fast.

Well, I’ve taken a good look at what he’s got here and if
you’d like additional sources of income, that can come
from just having simply conversations with people you
already do business with, about their businesses.

- Then this is exactly what you’re looking for!


Take a look, and see if this is the extra source of income
you’re looking for, today.

Todd’s an excellent fella and he really stands behind his
products and the products he markets for others, you
can’t go wrong with a purchase from Todd.

But I am a little bias in that area, since he’s a friend — :o )

Get yours today!

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Google Ads Free Video’s has finally arrived!

If you haven’t checked out Adeel’s new product, Google
Ads Free Video’s, you really should take a minute and give
it a look-see.

Until I got my Adwords advertising under control I only
made small amounts of income. With the use of Adsense
and ClickBank over the last two years my Affiliate income
has quadrupled – easily, maybe more.

I have found Adeel’s products to be both informative and
innovative. Take a look now, I understood he was about to
institute his 1st price increase, but even if that has taken
place – this product is worth every penny.

Here’s the link:

I hope you’ve made it in before the price increase, good

- Garrett



Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Which style of instruction do you like best?

 I viewed two different ‘video how-to’ sites in the last
 three days and I came away from both, more enlightened
 and informed about Online Video -but- both people
 used completely different methods, one was simple and
 one was pretty complex.
 One was inexpensive, and one was not.
 I held back on sending this email out until I was fairly sure
 that if you weren’t living under a rock or in a cave, that at
 this point you have probably received emails about both
 of these guys and been to there sign-up pages for there
 ’’ video how-to sites.
 The two fella’s are Mike Koenigs and Jim Kukral.
 My question today is:
 ”Whose information did my members consider to be of
 more help or more helpful??”
 Mike Koenigs Site is here if you haven’t seen it:
 Jim Kukral’s Online Video Toolkit site is here:
 Both require a sign-up, but that’s not what this is all
 about – use a junk address if you like. My links above
 aren’t even any sort of affiliate link, I’m just collecting
 info here.
 I want to find out whose approach YOU like best.
 Both are excellent sites that come packed with info
 you can start using right after you view each persons
 video’s. You will learn something you didn’t know from
 both of these sites, of that I have no doubt – they are
 both worth signing up for and both contain video how-
 to secrets that you will at some point need to be aware
 I’m really interested in finding out if the members of
 my list are more geared toward the ‘simple and quick’
 style of instruction or a ‘more in depth’ style of teaching.
 Please help me with a comment on my blog, I really
 would like to give you guys things in the manner you
 want like to receive them
 Makes sense right?
 Please post your comments on my Blog here:
 - Garrett

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

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