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Garrett Dann’s Review of Social Bookmarking Exposed!

Having the right social bookmarking strategy can make a HUGE
difference in the amount of traffic and sales you pull in…

These sites are a virtual goldmines… if you know how to use

The truth is, if you’re new to social bookmarking, it can take
literally weeks or even months of your precious time to figure
all that stuff out and start making money off it.

Or you can hire someone, but that obviously costs money too…
and that’s assuming you can find someone smart enough and
reliable enough – at a reasonable rate.

So it was a huge relief when I got a copy of this report.
and it didn’t cost me a penny:


I love getting valuable information for nothing…

It’s called ‘Social Bookmarking Exposed’, and it’s got more
useful information than many of the products I’ve paid good
money for.

I know I mentioned this in my last Issue but – it’s awesome,
and totally packed with all sorts of incredible info I wasn’t
aware of.

You get some really simple tips that will give your site a
much better position in the Google searches…

You’ll find out Which sites are the best social bookmarking
sites to use, and what some of the best strategies are for
getting the most out of them. (that is, the most traffic and
the most money).

It’s only 18 pages, a fairly quick read but like I said, the
stuff I saw in there is going to make my bank account a larger
in the coming weeks for sure.

I insist you go check it out right now…


like I said before, it doesn’t cost anything, so it’s really
a no-brainer.

Take every chance you can to pick up new skills, that is what
will make your business a success the quickest!

Hope this helps,

- Gman Dann



Friday, August 28th, 2009

Membership Site Tactics Review!

You’ve probably seen Jason Fladlien’s new Membership Site
Tactics sales page all over the place the last 10 days or

…e-mails from all the Guru’s…

…at the top of Warrior Forum…

…promoted by Lance Tamashiro, Jordan Hall, Jeff Mills,
Justin Michie, Mason Ramm, Eric Louviere, Reed Floren,
Eric Landstein, Doug Barger, Scott Drake, Dave Baker,
James Foster, Willie Crawford, and a slew of others…

Why? Because this is one of the best products we’ve seen
in a while…and promoting it is making us big $’s

Now that’s the perfect combo.

And –

It pays 100% Commission straight to your PayPal + Converts
Like Crazy because it is a quality product.

The affiliate program was just opened to the public.
Which means anybody can now promote it for 100% commissions
instantly to YOUR PayPal account.

Go here to signup for your affiliate link and promo tools:


The link is at the bottom of the page.

Now go make some instant PayPal cash =)

- Garrett

PS – Don’t blow it, this will only be available for a very limited time!





Friday, August 28th, 2009

Garrett Dann’s Clickbank Pirate Review!

If you have a PayPal account, can follow instructions, and
know how to use a mouse, this is for you…
Hey ,

In a hurry? Check out this video and grab your
f.ree copies of these two awesome reports…


They reveal how you can make at least $1,000 a
week without a website or a product of your own.

I know this sounds too good to be true and I
personally wouldn’t believe it unless I had seen
it for myself.

You see, Soren & Cindy are launching something
called “Clickbank Pirate” on Augusts 4th.

But THIS IS NOT another how to make money” on
Clickbank course!

What they have done is build you a complete plug
and play money making system. I’ve gotten a
preview and this thing is very cool!

Get the full scoop here:


Then register for their “VIP advance notice”
list and get a free copy of the two ClickBank
Treasure Map reports.

Hope you enjoy picking up some great info for F.R.E.E!

- Garrett

P.S. Clickbank Pirate is the way to ‘clean ClickBank
out o’ some of thar treasure quick!’ see it here:


explains exactly what you get:


– Get A Pre-Sale Video Membership of your own:


This is a hot ticket – don’t pass it up lightly.




Friday, August 28th, 2009

My Marketing On The Fringe Review


Bill McRea is at it again.


That link up there is THE solution to your traffic problems.

And let’s face it.

Traffic is the only thing standing between you…and the
financial future of your dreams.

Bill has cracked the code to traffic so big and so easy
to get…it’s scary.


I’ve seen this program. And I don’t just think it’s good.

I think it’s VITAL.

Those who have this program and put it into practice
will win the traffic game. Period.

As thousand of new marketers come online daily to
compete with you…having this sort of unfair advantage
could easily change the course of your career online.


I’ve probably bought hundreds of courses about traffic.

And I can say with a completely straight face that this
is the most comprehensive traffic training you’ll find

His price is a pathetic joke when you consider all the
sales you’ll generate from those strategies in just days.

In fact, these are the exact strategies Bill used to create
a guitar website that sold for $2.3 million dollars!

The videos are so complete and so easy to follow that
I really believe ANYONE can do it.

At the same time…the strategies behind those tactics
are so cutting edge they will leave the competition in

THIS is a game changer.


Don’t let it’s availability go by without taking a look.

I’m serious, this is one that you definitely want to check out ASAP!




Friday, June 12th, 2009

Secret Adwords Tips Review!

Hey guy’s ‘n gal’s, trust me, you will like this one…

Yesterday a course was released showing people how
to get tremendous results with their pay per click campaigns.

The good news is, you won’t have to wade through thousands
of pages to figure it out.

It’s just 14 quick tricks that will have an immediate impact on
your sales.

Take a look right here:


The tips are brought to you by someone who’s ads are being
shown 7-10 MILLION times a DAY!


His ad costs are a ridiculously low rate (because he’s learned
the secrets).

How does he do it?

Guess what!  It’s revealed in these 14 Secret Adword Tips:


Pick this one up today.

It’s not cheap – $197 as a matter of fact but – you can profit
much more then that in just the first few days that you put it
to work.

… and you wouldn’t be the first.

There’s a list of testimonials as long as my…?

ARM, my arm – what did you think I was going to say – Go
check ‘em out for yourself.

Don’t wait, go right now – it is a Limited Offer!

If you do any type of advertising online then you owe it
to yourself to take a look at these powerful tips:


Armand is one of the Guru’s Guru’s (oops!)

Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime – all the big
names were listening to Armand back before they were BIG.

He’s Mentored ecery one of them! – that says it all!



Friday, June 5th, 2009

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