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Hello Internet Marketing Junkies, Garrett Dann here with my brand new Word Press Blog “Extreme Marketing Tactics”.  Please check it out, make suggestions so I can make it better. 

Over the coming months and years I’ll try my best to keep the most current, up-to-data, Extreme Marketing Tactic’s that I can find, or that other’s have brought to me, up on this site.

Just like I have done for years with The Cutting Edge Ezine and my mailings to that list of members.

Please understand – this is an incredible undertaking that, at times, I’m sure I will fall behind on.

I have a family and a life!  These both come before my job.  I work to have a life, not the other way around :0)

If you follow me, in time, you will be able to be able to be the same way!

One of the factors on my side is the fact that I happen to be friends with or be in contact with some of the Top ‘Gurus’ in the field on a regular basis.  When they are coming out with something H-O-T, I’m always in the know about it before the ‘hoardes’ are.

You can help me make this one of the Hottest Blogs’ ever created by sending me updates about H-O-T products that you have developed or that have been brought to your attention!

Send your updates, suggestions or products to be reviewed to me at:

**Just A Warning**
I will review products and suggestions with great scrutiny, and report on their true value to the group they were intended to serve.  Some products might be out of my feild of expertise, when this is the case, I will post a poll for the readers to give their comments.

SO – If it’s not a H-O-T-T-Y, don’t bother wasting my time or my readers time please, you’ll just get your product a poor review and you don’t want that.

On the other hand, if your product, or the one you want to tell me about is a H-O-T-T-Y, well then, by all means – pass it on for ‘inspection and by the troops’ and inclusion in this site.

Please – first year marketers, unless you were born a child prodigy, or really have stumbled upon a technique that the rest of the world really should be told about, and have varifiable proof it works….

Well, just think it over real good before you submit it for our review.  A good review could bring you a ton of sales, but a bad review could hurt your business so, just be careful what you submit that’s all.

Ratings will be done on a ‘how many out of 5 STARS’ basis as well as a in depth written report of exactly what we found.


Yes – I need a little help!!

I’m sure I’m going to really be bombarded from time to time so – to make things a little more bearable as well as fair and not one sided, I’ll need to have some help with this site.

If you are interested and feel that you are qualified, please contact me at:

Please – first year marketers, again, unless you were born a child prodigy….

Well, just think it over real good before you apply to be my ‘review help’ for this site.  What I mean is, you need to know what you are doing to be involved with this project and that usually takes a knowledge base that can’t be acquired in a year -but- all are welcome to apply

I have been surprised before, some people just take to Internet Marketing like fish to water, usually because of related past life business experience.

If you are ‘brilliant’ or just ‘one of my many IM groupies’, well – I’ll see what I can do.  Maybe we’ll have a ‘Newbie Corner’ or something like that where the opinion of ‘The Newbie’ is given – that could be cool.

If there’s too many of you though, we’ll have to have a ‘Jello Wrestle-off’ to determine a winner :0) (just joking)

OK, well wish us luck, send me products to review – and maybe we can help some of ‘you’ become the next ‘STARS of the Internet Marketing World’.

Check back here often for updates, new products, how-to’s and reviews – they’re on their way!

-Garrett Dann


Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

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