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How do you build your list??

List, what list?

You have to have a list to make money on a regular
basis, this is one of the basics in Internet Marketing.

You could even call it Rule #1.

You have to have a list, and I will tell you one of the
simplest ways to build one, and build it quickly.

I have many methods I use to build my lists but, one
of my all-time favorites has got to be using the Free
JV Giveaway sites.

Now,a lot of people poo poo this idea and say that all
you pick up is freebie seekers.

I totally disagree with this, and can certainly prove this
to be false.

I have a method or ‘system’ for making sales with the
JV Giveaways.

I have (3) email addresses, and I upload (3) products
to each JV Giveaway event that I get involved with by
using a pseudonym (that’s a pen name or aka) and a
different email address for each.

I set up a sequential autoresponder at my SendFree
Atoresponder for each of the Free products that I have
listed at the Giveaways. 

Then I load up the autoresponder with follow-up emails,
sent every two days or so, that recommend a popular
product from the ClickBank Marketplace, that is related
to the freebie they have just downloaded from me.

In my signature in the email I throw in a link to the sign-
up form for my free newsletter, The Cutting Edge Ezine,
as well as one or two other free memberships or

I also have the original sign-up form they used to sign
up for my freebie at the JV Giveaway attached to (2)
One Time Offers.  If they decide they are not interested
in either of those, I send them on to an ‘email confirm’
page telling them an email has just  been sent to the
email address they have given me.

This ‘email confirm notice’ page besides containing the
various ‘white-listing’ how-to’s for the various mailing
programs and a link back to the sign-up page, just in
case they happen to leave me the wrong address the
first time around (smile), also contains links to other
freebies related to their download that are attached to
other autoresponders, containing other product’s from
ClickBank and PayDotCom as well.

This way hopefully, all the bases are covered.

I am picking up, on the average, somewhere in the
neighborhood of 120 to 150 new members for my
various mailing lists each and every day with this very
method right here.


I am getting sales of these ClickBank and PayDotCom
products that I’m filling the autoresponders with, every

I’ll tell you right now that to set up this method is not free,
but you will find out in the long run that if you really want
to make any real money out on the Net, it’s next to
impossible to do it for free.

You could get free Autoresponder accounts, and free
emailboxes from GMail, and keep making up ficticious
names if you want but, in the long run, it will get very
confusing, I’m just being honest with you.

But you certainly can do that to start.  One of the major
problem you run into is that you can’t move your list if
you decide to go with another company, so you should
try to get your free account with a company that allows
upgrading from a free account to a paid account.


and GetResponse:

All allow you to do this.

Here’s the simple tools you’ll need for both the Free
Method and the Paid Method:

1st, My Free Method — it’s more hassle but – it is free,
follow the method as outlined above, making your sign
up pages for your freebies pages on a free Blog or
multiple Blogs.

You will also need:
– A Business Account with PayPal

– An Affiliate Account with PayDotCom

– An Affiliate Account with ClickBank

– A free Blog or several free Blogs from Blogger or
WordPress (look up in Google)

– Several GMail Accounts (look up in Google)

– (3) Free Autoresponder Accounts With,  AWebber or GetResponse.
(addresses above)

Maybe try one of each to see who’s interface you like
working with best.

2nd – The Advanced Method – costs money, but you
make more money.  You post your Freebies, and
Reports You’ve Written on Squeeze Pages You’ve
Designed, installed on your own website that You’ve
Built Yourself.

Now you are really in the game!. 

You’ll need to purchase the folowing items:
– A Domain Name (‘YourName’.com etc…) from
GoDaddy –
or IPower –

– Reseller Webhosting with
HostGator –
or IPower –

– A Paid Autoresponder Account With –
AWebber –
or GetResponse –

– A free copy of NVU for Sueeze Page Building,
Webpage Editing & Website Publishing

– A free copy of Open Office for making PDF reports

If you decide to go the paid route and would like to
know more about it, let me know and I’ll send you a
free ebook detailing the method.

Just click this link here, put “Send me JV Giveaway
Paid Tactics” in the subject line, hit send, and I’ll
send it off to you right away:

Also, here’s a couple companies you can use to keep
you informed and up to date of any new or currently
running JV Giveaways:

I don’t want you to miss out on this easy way to build
your list HUGE in no time, and I will continue to send
you more information and helpful tips, as often as I
come across them.

I hope this aids you in finding more success on the net.

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

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