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SEO Elite! How Would You Have Answered Him?

I got an interesting question from one of my readers the
other day…

…or rather, two questions…

“Does search engine optimization really work to drive traffic?”

“And if so, how do I, someone who’s not a techie person
by any means, do it??”

So, how would YOU answer this guy?

This is what I wrote back to him…

Dear Bob,

Have you ever gone to Google (or any search engine) and
typed in the term you were searching for?

Then did you go to any of the pages that came up on that
first or second page of results?

Then you already know the answer to your first question…

…Getting your blog listed on the first or second page of a
search engine DOES bring you traffic.

And you don’t think those sites at the top of the listings got
there by chance or accident, do you?

SEO does work!

But a LOT of bloggers get so confused by how to do it,
that they don’t even try.

Which is a shame.

Imagine what an influx of thousands of new visitors to
your blog every week or even every day could do for
your bottom line!

So I did some research on how anyone, even the most
non-technical person, could optimize their site to get it
to the front of the search engine rankings, and here’s
what I found…

Now, before you start thinking you can’t do this…

…that’s it’s for techno geeks only…

…that you need to be super computer smart or even
know what you’re doing…


SEO Elite is so user-friendly, even a beginner user
can use it.

Check out the examples…

…and check out the endless possibilities.

If you promote ANYTHING online, this is for you.

Forget EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard about
search engine optimization that scared you away…

…picture YOUR blog in the NUMBER ONE position
on Google and Yahoo…

…and then GRAB this…

Best Regards,

Garrett Dann


I can not give the product a higher recommendation,
I use it several times a week – every week!t

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

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