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Thinking about using some live video services…

Services like UStream, Stickam, JustinTV, PalTalk, Mogulus,
& BlogTV etc…

I’ve wanted very much to do live video interviews for the
last few years. The technology is finally there to do it; well

Here’s the link to my buddy Harris’s blog post and 8 minute
comparison of all 6 sites:


It’s only 8 minutes long and is a pretty in-depth look and
comparison of all the services above.

I found it interesting and thought you might also.

I’m currently signed up with UStream, and plan on starting
up a weekly broadcast that is going to be hosted right here:


I’m still playing around with different camera’s and camera
settings but, I should have a welcome message up in the next
couple of days, my first Show’ is currently scheduled to air at
2 pm on Wednesday the 22nd of October – that’s 1 week from
tomorrow! (eek!)

After seeing Harris’s video, I’m giving some thought to using
BlogTV for my Co-hosted teleseminars, he stated some good
points so I’m going to have to go check them out…don’t forget
to take a look yourself:

(there’s no sales link – just a good in-depth comparison)

…and don’t forget my first ‘Broadcast’ of ‘The Garrett Dann Show’
on Wednesday the 15th of October, see you there.


You can go check out the line-up for the show right now, just
click on the link.


Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

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